Thursday, July 2, 2015

@SkirtSports #31daysofskirtsports

During the month of July, Skirt Sports is hosting an Instagram challenge!

Take some pics of yourself being active and share with us! Use the hashtags #skirtsports #REALwomenmove #31daysofskirtsports and tag @skirtsports so they are your awesome shots! You don't have to be wearing a skirt, but if you have one we would love to see it!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Most REAL Race #REALwomenmove @skirtsports

It's no secret that I am a Skirt Sports Ambassador Captain. Once a month, we all post about a similar topic and this month we are talking about our most REAL race.
What does that mean to me? It's not necessarily the best race you ever ran. You don't have to win your age group. Heck. You could finish dead freakin last.
I think of this is as an epiphany race. That one race that you had your "a ha!" moment.
For me, that race was the final leg of the Inaugural Dopey Challenge. Have you heard of it? It's 48.6 miles in 4 days. Yeah, you read that correctly. A 5k, a 10k, a half marathon, and a full marathon.
I went with my Disney race bestie Colleen. We had a great time with the first two races. Lots of photos, costumes, park visits, and sheer stupidity. The half marathon was mostly fun, but getting up early was catching up with us at this point and we got our first glimpse of the balloon ladies.

When we woke up at the butt crack of the butt crack of dawn my feet already hurt.
I was nauseous.
I was tired.
The first 9 miles were not terrible but they were not good. I started texting the hubs. 
I can't do this.
I'm so stupid.
Who does this to themselves?
I can't do this.
He texted me back.
He posted on Facebook to get me some shout outs.
He told me I could.
He was right.
The final 17 miles were ugly, I'm not gonna lie. I wasn't even at mile 18 yet when the balloon ladies came into sight.
 I was at around mile 20.
holy heck.
I fought against those lovely ladies for 4 miles at least. And they were lovely ladies. Very motivating. Very nice. Very dangerous.
They passed me for good at about mile 24, as you leave Hollywood Studios and approach the Boardwalk. 
You see, you can't be swept at that point. I did it! I could crawl now and no one could make me stop. I won. I cried. Everyone around me cried. We all walked those last 2 miles, and when I finished and found Colleen we hugged so hard! She fought the volunteers who tried to move her on. She wasn't getting her medal without me.

I did it. I did what people told me I couldn't do. 48.6 miles in 4 days. After that race I have never doubted a finish again. I will always know I can do it. It may not be pretty, it may not end well, but I will finish. DOPEY taught me that. 
What was your most REAL race and why?

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Marathon Training Recap, the last two weeks

Marathon training has been kind of a bust over the last two weeks. I have been having some tightness and am now realizing that it is my IT Band giving me trouble. I truly need to be strengthening and stretching and my poor body keeps trying to tell me!
The last two weeks I have run exactly twice. A 5k and today's 3 miler. On my other training days I have used my bike and doubled the mileage. I am going to be slowly adding runs back in, and slowly increasing the mileage, while filling in the gaps with my bicycle. NYC will happen, I just might have to lower my expectations. I am totally fine with this!
I went back to WW as well. I know that losing the 20+ extra pounds I am carrying will go a long way towards reducing the chance of future injuries!
Here are some of my workouts over the last two weeks....

Friday, June 19, 2015

Flat Mama Friday

This weekend is the Father's Day 5k, the race I have probably run the most often and one that I have been watching for years. It runs right past my house! The last 4 or 5 years it has been run in memory of Kevin Brue, an amazing man lost too soon to Melanoma.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wordless Wednesday George Sheehan Classic Edition

Saturday was the George Sheehan Classic 5k in Redbank NJ, a very hot and hilly 5k. My only complaint: they gave out cloth bags at the finish. You were allowed to trade them for a medal but they only told a select few. I was not one of the few.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Marathon Training Tuesday

Sunday.... 4 mile run at a 12'04" pace in my neighborhood

Monday..... HITT workout, some yoga,and a 2 mile walk 

Tuesday..... 3 Mile run, starting to have some hamstring tightness, so I'm going to break out the KT tape and add some PiYo, which I never should have stopped in the first place!

Wednesday..... rest day, did some walking to get in my steps.
Thursday..... 5 mile run, 1.5 mile walk. I had intended to run the whole thing but the hest was insane and I still ended up sick the rest of the day. 13'02" pace for the run.

Saturday..... George Sheehan Classic 5k, super hot, humid, and hilly but I finished. Recap coming... 12'02" pace.
Sunday..... I woke up feeling thick headed and tired and basically stayed on the couch all day.
I also made a decision to lighten up my training. I think I added too many miles too fast so I have found a Hal Higdon program for beginners and will be using that. I don't have any concrete time goals anymore, I just want to finish! If my aches and pains subside and I start making decent progress I will revisit time goals. 
My new schedule runs from Monday to Sunday, with Saturday's being my usual long run day, although that may have to change from time to time.
Have you ever had to change a goal during training?