Saturday, April 22, 2017

Dark Side 10K

Yikes, my feet ache.
Two down, the big one to go. I was up at 3 this morning to get on the bus by 3:30. There were plenty of busses, at least 5, because last year they didn't have enough. Fine by me!
I got to the start area and made a dash for BB8. I was NOT messing around this time. I was girl on a mission. And a long line!

So worth it though, he's so cute and I knew I wouldn't stop during the race, whether he was there or not!

After that I really only had enough time to pee and look for my corral. Today we were shown the original preview for Empire Strikes Back, it was fun to see the trailer as if it was a new movie just coming out.
We started way faster than yesterday. The corrals were let out in larger groups so it moved much faster.
My goal today was 14 minute miles and I pretty much nailed it. I think my average was 14:07, and I took a few extra walk breaks because it was humid.

The course brought us through Hollywood Studios and ended in EPCOT.

It was a fun course and I got to see a few friends who were spectating...

I was hoping to beat my previous 10k Disney race time of 1:55 and crushed it with a time of 1:27 so I'm pretty happy about that. Plus, I got a selfie with this guy just before the finish.

I loved every minute and can't wait to run again tomorrow, my 50th half marathon!

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Dark Side 5k and Flat Mama Friday

Holy heck, am I tired!
The alarm went off at 3:30, and I was on my way to the bus by 3:45.

I met up with some Disney running friends from Team Expedition Runners on the line for Jabba the Hut and stuck with them until it was time to hit the corrals. My Jabba pic hasn't come through yet, but here is Boba Fett...

I also ran into my friend Sylvia... she saw me as I walked away from BF...

After a preview of the next movie and a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem, the corrals started being released. I was in D so it took awhile!

The race went fast! So many things to see and do, and I had such a good time!

I didn't stop for any characters since the lines were so long! I promised myself I would walk most of it. My average mile was 13:07. Oooops.

I'm still waiting on more of the official photos, so I'll post those at a later date! Some came through, but not all. I did get some cute ones at MK afterwards....

And here is the Flat Mama for tomorrow's 10k...

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Dark Side Challenge Expo

The day started with a mimosa...

I am not a big drinker, so I asked the waitress to make sure the Mimosa was weak. She must have been celebrating opposite day, because it was the strongest drink I ever had! I couldn't even finish it... I hope this was not a sign of things to come.

When I finished breakfast, it was about 9:15 and the Expo began at 10. I was looking forward to getting in there nice and early, so that the lines weren't too long. The bus didn't pull up to the Beach Club until 9:45, this was not a good sign!
We arrived at ESPN just after 10, and I headed right for the banners.

I made a beeline for the bib pickup, which I breezed through with no problem. Then I went to the small merch area and got a shirt and some ornaments.

Time to brave the main Expo. They organized things a little differently this time, and had us walk the long way around. It was way too hot for such shenanigans.

The line to get into the Expo merch area was 25 minutes long.... and the line to pay for my pin and tee was about 10 minutes long. It was very organized, and fairly pain free!
I was back on the bus to the hotel by noon. Pics of merch and swag to come....

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Packing for the Dark Side Challenge

I'm all packed! I am sure I've forgotten something, but I don't leave the house until 10:30 tomorrow morning, so I have time to remember!

I've done tons of posts about packing for races, so I'll spare the pics of what's inside my suitcase. You're welcome!
Just a few must haves....
ponchos.... I buy them at Wal-Mart for $1 each. I have one for each race day, just in case.
Sweats.... yes, it will be 80 degrees every day, but nights can get cold, and I may want them for the plane ride home.
Long sleeved hoodie.... I always bring my Run Disney hoodie, again, for those cold nights.
You should always put your favorite race outfit and your sneakers in your carry on. Luggage gets lost, y'all, and you can't run a half marathon in new shoes without paying the consequences!
Plenty of socks and undies. Florida is sweaty. 80 degrees. Every day. Enough said.
Snacks. I didn't get the food plan, so I am bringing some snacks for the evenings.

I might need a new one on this trip!
Pretty nails....

I'm calling this look galactic gels. Nothing fancy, but kinda spacey, right?

Even though I'll be getting 3 new race shirts, I brought shirts for every day. You never know what color the new shirts will be, or if they will be comfy! Every shirt I brought has a Star Wars theme to it!

Skirt Sports.

I seriously have one for every day, plus every race. And I'm leaving some home. It's a sickness.

50th half marathon brag swag....

I'm sure there's tons more, but I have a group run and yoga tonight, and I have to change and hit the road in 15 minutes!
Picture posts to come, be warned! The next 6 days or so will be all Disney all the time!

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thursday Training Update with Maine Coast 26.2

***I received entry into the Maine Coast 26.2 Half Marathon as part of being a Bib Rave Pro (ambassador). Learn more about becoming a Bib Rave Pro, and check out to read and write race reviews!****

One month from today I will be at the beautiful Maine Coast running the half marathon with my friend Shannon! I am so excited, for two very good reasons.
#1. I miss Shannon! We haven't run together since last January! Over a year!
#2. Maine is one of my happy places. It's so beautiful, and I just can't get enough of it!
I still have to book our flights but hotel reservations have been made.

Training has been going really well. I've been pushing through and trying not to make any excuses!

Thursday: Even though I was achy from 9 Round, I showed up and ran with the group. Luckily, my running partner that day wasn't feeling it either and we ran a couple and then walked it in. 3.7 miles done!

Friday I took it easy. I had a hilly half marathon planned for Saturday and I wasn't taking any chances. I wanted to have nice strong legs!

Saturday was race day. We trained all winter for this and our running club had a strong presence that morning.

It just about killed me but I finished. This was followed by a shower and then a trail hike with the hubs. Two more miles of hiking and geocaching.

Sunday We took the pups on a trail hike, 4.5 miles worth.

Monday became a rest day. I was so tired! I did walk in place for about 40 minutes to loosen everything up.

Tuesday, I speed walked 3 miles with my club in the morning and ran 3 with them that night, followed by an hour of yoga at Run For Your Life.

Wednesday I was back at 9 Round and it was burpee day. It was quiet and I'd been gone a week, so Matt really pushed me. It was a crazy sweaty workout!

What was your favorite workout this week? I think mine was that nice relaxing yoga workout!
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