Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thursday Training Update

17 more days, y'all! Holy heck! I've had an achey foot, which is a little scary this close to race day, so I took it easy last week.
Thursday was hill repeats. We did about 3.5 miles, and the first mile was a warm up. The rest pretty much killed me!

On the bright side, I chose my costume for the Disney half marathon in January...

My daughter will be going as Russell..

So fun!
Friday I stuck to yoga, to stretch out my legs.

Saturday was my final long run. I wrote about it that night, so this is not news! 20 miles done, ugly miles, but....

What a beautiful word! Now I can take it easy!

Sunday I rested. I don't think I got more than 7000 steps that day. It was glorious. I did bail on my triathlon, which I now have to reschedule, possibly for June. It's a mission now!

Monday I met up with a new running buddy for 3 easy miles that became 4.5 easy miles!

Tuesday was track day, but since I'm tapering I took it easy. I also did a little yoga.

Wednesday I just walked to get my steps!

A pretty easy week, except for that pesky long run!

Do you enjoy tapering or does it make you crazy?

Monday, September 18, 2017

Planning Races During Marathon Training

I've been thinking about this for awhile and finally decided to write about it. I have struggled with this ever since I started running.
I'm a sucker for a race. If a friend contacts me and the medal is cool or the shirt is pretty, or even for no reason at all, I will sign up.
Seems like no big deal, right?
More than once, I have scheduled a half marathon on a weekend when I am supposed to be running 16, 18, or 20 miles.
No problem, just run the extra miles before or after, right? For some reason, I've never been able to do that!

When I decided to run NYC, I realized I'd have to take my training more seriously so I developed a system. I'm a planner, so I printed out my training plan and wrote the entire thing in my planner.

When a race comes up, I check my planner for that week and check my mileage. If it's close enough, I'll register. If I can safely swap weeks, I'll still register.

It can be so tempting to plan a race that's fun, like Hot Chocolate or a Mud Run, but I have to be so careful, especially now that I'm going to be training for my first ultra!

I have way more 20+ mile runs with this race, so I'll have to be extra careful not to plan an ill timed race. You have no idea how hard this will be for me!

Do you struggle with planning too many races?

Saturday, September 16, 2017

When a Long Run Goes Bad

Today was my final long run before taper begins for the Chicago Marathon. I had 20 miles on the schedule for today and I was determined to meet that mileage. The most I ran when training for NYC was 18, and I really wanted to hit 20 today.
I started my first miles with the pace group I coach. For some reason, the directions I printed for our route had some wrong turns in them and we ended up lost 3 times.

We cut the last portion out of the run and still ended up with 10.6 miles because of all the backtracking.

Which meant we ran past one of my favorite churches...

I always have to take a pic of that church! We also had an #almostdisney moment!

Besides those 3 wrong turns, this portion of the run was pretty awesome. I love running with my girls and we always have plenty to talk about during our long runs.
We parted ways and I headed for the Greenway to do my last 9.5 miles. I was planning on sticking to a 2:1 run/walk for the rest of my run. It was a little cooler on the Greenway, which was nice, and it's mostly flat. Of course on my way to the path, someone almost backed over me.
Who backs out of a parking lot without looking?

I start out on my run and after a couple of miles I see a familiar trio! We noticed each other at about the same time...

We gabbed for a few minutes, mostly about the hot cops all over Facebook, I'm not gonna lie, and then I started back out.
I was definitely feeling tired already, but I chugged along, sometimes doing a 2:1 and sometimes a 2:2.
At mile 13, a woman approached me asking for water. She had fallen and scraped the skin off of her palms and wanted to clean up a little. I basically poured most of my water on her hands and knees with 7 miles to go!

So now I have no water and nowhere ahead to refill, so at mile 14, I turned back early. I knew there was a water fountain back that way, and I could always double back at the end, right?

I hadn't been running since mile 13, since I didn't want to overheat, and now my left shoe is rubbing against my little toe. Honestly, this started back at mile 9 but now I was starting to lose my form. I decided it was best to keep walking, instead of risking injury for overcompensating that foot.
I finally reach the end of the trail, but I'm only at mile 18. ugh.

Shortly after I snapped this pic, I get the low battery signal. I'm not gonna lie, I threw up my hands in defeat and started to turn back. I was so mad and frustrated, and my foot really freaking hurt. I couldn't do it. Watch or no watch, proof or no proof, I was hitting that 20 mile mark. So I turned around and finished the last two miles.

I ordered Starbucks from my car, changed my clothes, (yes, I do this in the parking lot. I have one of those towels that hooks around you so you can change underneath) and limped over to Starbucks in my shiny new Oofo clogs.

That run sucked. The walking part sucked too. You know what didn't suck? Knowing that I stuck with it, finished, and now I'm in Tapertown. Oh, and that pumpkin cheesecake bar was freaking awesome.

So was my bath.

Have you ever had a run go terribly wrong?

Friday, September 15, 2017

Staying Visible with the Stunt Puppy Dry Collar

I received this beautiful Stunt Puppy Go Dog GloDry Collar for the purposes of this review as a Bib Rave Pro (Ambassador). Check out to read and write race reviews!

With a blog name like mine, you have to know there are pups in my life! We are pretty active with our pups. We have to be, corgis have tons of energy and would lose their minds without some activity!

Add in the South Carolina heat and humidity and you have potential for some stinky, nasty dog collar situations!
When Stunt Puppy offered me this awesome dog collar to test out, I was immediately intrigued! A collar that is waterproof, stink proof, and visible at night? Shut the front door!
We walk our dogs a lot. This is probably an understatement! We trail hike, we walk early in the morning and late at night, and sometimes we run with them, as well. Anything to tire them out after they've been inactive all day.

This adjustable collar is just what we need! It adjusted easily to fit comfortably on Memphis and it withstands 225 pounds of pull, which is super important when you're uber social pup wants to meet the dog walking across the street.

It has 2 D Rings. Why 2? One for the leash and one for the tags! Genius! No more crazy jingling going on while you walk.

When you get muddy out on the trail, it cleans off easily as well.
I am in love, and Memphis is too!

He is so in love that he wanted me to show you this discount code so your pup can have one too!
Check out Stunt Puppy online, they have so many amazing products! There are some seriously cute patterned collars and they've just added a collar with your pup' s ID printed right on it!
They have amazing leashes as well, we love ours!

Which collar would you pick for your pup?