Monday, October 20, 2014

Atlantic City Half Marathon recap

This past weekend was my 13th half marathon in 2014 and my 29th half marathon in 29 months!
Eileen came by an hour early, so we decided to kill some time at the Point Pleasant boardwalk.

It was a perfect day for a stroll, and we walked up and down the boardwalk until Colleen was ready to go. Time for a quick drive down the parkway to Atlantic City.

The expo was at Ballys casino, so we parked there and made our way to the expo so that we could get our stuff and then stroll their  boardwalk.

Packet pick up was super speedy, and I got mine as well as bibs for three of my friends. The expo was very tiny, so we were in and out in less than a half hour. Eileen did score a great pair of shoes at half off but they didn't have my fave shows which made me so sad!
Time for a stroll on the boardwalk! First we stashed our bags in the car so that we wouldn't have to carry them all with us.

It was sad to see the three casinos closed down. And when the sun went down and the boardwalk lit up, there were three dark spots.

Dinner time! Tradition demanded that we head to Carmine's in the Tropicana so that we could carb load one last time before the race.

Eat all the carbs.... And some salad!

And of course, Ragu!

So much food that all three of us ate our fill and I brought enough home for at least two more meals!
Time to meet Lisa and her hubs to hand off their bibs!

I look like the frump queen but I was comfy!
We were staying at a Marriott in Galloway, time to check in!

Our suite was bigger than my first condo! Too bad they didn't do late checkout, we had to check out at 6:30, on our way to the race! Hotel fail!

Time to head back to Ballys and park for the race. 

I love where I live! We took some pics before the race started!

Time to line up! There are no corrals so we just went to the back, where we found some old friends and made some new ones.

The race started and we headed right off of the boardwalk. The first five miles flew by. We were all having so much fun, and the course has some great views. Colleen was the first to break off from the pack, and then Eileen and her friend were next. It was a perfect day, although it was just a bit windy.
I saw Lisa and her hubs at mile 2. 

This was his half fanatic qualifier, welcome to the nut house Frank! I did get to see all of my friends at the turnaround at mile 6ish, and I was running near this dude for most of the race. 

I finally passed him around mile 7. At mile 7.5 a volunteer stopped me to let three cars pull out. I don't blame him for wanting to stop their yelling and honking, but he really cramped my style and it was hard to get going again!

Around mile 8 we got back onto the boardwalk, entering at Revel, which was bittersweet. I miss my favorite hotel!

We had to run past the finish line around mile 9 which is so cruel! One of my friends had just finished and shouted to me and waved as I ran by.
Around mile ten the first marathoner went by. Let's just point out that they started with us. Yeah, that was a little sad.

I put on my big girl panties and cheered for him as he zipped by. Two others passed me before I finished. Amazing!

Mile 11 was the final turn around. Those two miles seemed more like 4, but the final two were much faster. I started doing some math in my head and realized that I might actually finish under 2:45. This has been my goal since my injury in August, which has been hard to swallow since my best is 2:23. I have to be realistic in my goals, though! I plan to aim for that 2:23 next year.

When I hit mile 12 i knew that 2:45 was reachable. My Garmin hit 13.1 early and the time was 2:42 ish and the finish line was in sight! I crossed at 2:44:39! Goal met!

The bling was massive! The finisher area had small bottles of water, pretzels, Rita's, bagels, Naked juice, beer, and Power Bars. I really wanted chocolate milk so I went over to Johnny Rockets and got some there.

Back to the finisher area to find my friends, for a finisher photo.

It was a perfect race. The course was very organized, the volunteers were awesome, plenty of water stops. I love walking away from a race with no complaints! I am bummed that I won't be able to run it next year, it is the same weekend as the Monster Mash Marathon, which I plan to run.

Did you race this weekend?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Flat Mama Friday, Atlantic City Half Marathon

The flowers that the hubs gave me, plus the colder weather in the forecast, made me think Fall was finally here! It inspired the outfit for Sunday's race!

Are you racing this weekend?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

21 Day Fix and Planning for 2015

Wow, I cannot believe I am already planning races for Fall 2015! It's very important to me that I follow my marathon training, so it is also important that I don't register for a short race on a long run day. I know that many people will do the short race and then run extra miles afterwards, but I have not been successful with this yet, so I am not planning anything short on my long run days!
I also hope to avoid too much overnight travel. It is so expensive, and the teenie starts college next fall! Oh my heck, where did the time go?
My calendar is shaping up nicely, and I should be adding two or three new states to my map of half marathons! 

I will be adding Delaware and Ohio, plus maybe one or two more New England states. Maybe. I still have to check my calendar, and my training plan, for good race weekends!
I will be updating the race calendar page soon. I spilled water on my lap top so I am sharing with the boy, which limits my use!

I have started the 21 day fix. I am mostly following the food plan, and have done the first three days of workouts so far! The Cardio Fix killed me, especially since i was still sore from the bicycle scavenger hunt! 
On Tuesday I did  Upper Body which wasn't too terrible. I also ran four miles and walked all over creation and ended the day with 20,000 steps.
Today I did Lower Body Fix.

It was very painful, and I modified some of it, but still got a killer workout! My calves are still very tight, but walking around every little while is helping to loosen them!
Three weeks until Disney, and the Wine and Dine half marathon!
Have you ever done the 21 Day Fix?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bicycle Scavenger Hunt

Last night the hubs and I participated in a bicycle scavenger hunt at our Beach Club. We invited his sister and her boyfriend to round out our team of four. It was for fun, not fundraising for anything, so it was only $10 per team to participate.

There were about 50 people taking on the challenge so we weren't really thinking of winning at all, just wanting to have a little fun and get some exercise.
We were given our packet, which had pages of pictures to take, videos to make, items to find, and hidden business cards to locate.
You could also spy on the other teams and if they separated, and you had proof, it was worth extra points.
We had two hours.
Our original plan was to find the business cards, but once we got to two locations and missed getting the card we focused on the videos. 
They were mortifying, embarrassing, and basically had us running to local businesses all over town and do silly things. On video.
Did I mention it was mortifying?
We also took some amazing photos.

So exciting!

The hubs and I did this one. Impressive, right?

Finding a house number with a five and a seven is harder than you imagine.

We were supposed to do this at Walgreens but we got creative.

Moonlight at the end of the race.

The only awkward moment? The lady at the Dollar Tree did not like so many teams coming into the store and she called the cops. For real. The poor guy had to tell us to behave better next time but you could just tell he didn't really think we did anything wrong. After he lectured all of the teams, they tallied the points.
I was totally shocked when we won second place! It was super exciting I must say, and we each got a gift card to Dunkin Donuts. 
We all had a really great time, laughed way too much, embarrassed ourselves, and easily covered about five miles during the challenge. 
Have you ever done a scavenger hunt?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Five Miler

It's amazing how much you miss a good run when you have been injured! Two months of sporadic pain, and another month easing back into it, and I can finally say that I am running without pain!

I love the view at mile one! 

Same time, but looking to the right!

I ran five miles today, and although they weren't super speedy, they were pain free! A few aches and pains several hours later but nothing some ice after work won't fix. Honestly, I think it was the three trips up and down some stairs that brought on the aches!
I am finally enjoying my runs again, and look forward to marathon training this Spring!

I love the reflection of my phone in the watch face!
I will not be racing this weekend, unless you count the bicycle scavenger hunt I will be doing at our Beach Club on Saturday night! We will be riding all over town, so it will be quite a workout. I will be sure to take lots of pictures and share on Sunday. 
Next weekend is the Atlantic City Marathon but I bumped down to the Half since I couldn't properly train.
I hope everyone that is racing stays healthy and has fun!

Are you racing this weekend?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wordless Wednesday #WineDineHalf edition

It is four weeks away! Let the final countdown begin! 
It's actually 31 now!

It will be my 14th this year and my 30th in 30 months!

And I will get to watch my daughter perform in Downtown Disney the next day!

Will you be at Wine and Dine in November?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Planning My Next Marathon

I was devastated to have to cancel my Fall Marathon this year due to injury. My friends all rocked it out, and in addition to being so very proud of them all, I was also just a wee bit jealous!
Okay, full on wicked witch green with envy!
I decided to start planning my next marathon, which I will run next October in Delaware. Not only does it look like a lot of fun, it also benefits the Wounded Warrior Fund, so how can I go wrong?
I have made out my training plan already, and will start training in March. Sooooo far away, but it gives me time to plan next year's races, so that I don't miss any long runs!

I purchased the marathon training plan for my failed attempt through Run the Edge, and basically copied it into a new journal. At first, I planned to just white out my training entries, but I got more than halfway through, so that wouldn't have worked!

It looks like is having a sale today, now I am tempted to buy a whole new one! Hmmmmm.....

I really love this plan and I look forward to following It to the end this year!
I also plan to use my lovely lime green Paceband along the way! I chose the one for a 5:30 marathon, although I would totally settle for a 6:00 marathon, and would love to finish sub 5:30. These will be my three goals for race day!

Are you planning any big races for 2015?