Thursday, August 28, 2014

Chickie's and Pete's 5K Race Recap

Last weekend, the hubs and I travelled about an hour south to Atlantic City to run the Chickie's and Pete's 5K. The hubs rarely actually runs with me, so this was a special treat! The sun rising as we approached Atlantic City, I couldn't resist a pic, anyone who follows me on Instagram knows I love sunrises and sunsets!

After we parked, we wandered around the Tropicana trying to find the restaurant. We didn't realize we needed to enter from the boardwalk, and the signage wasn't great, so we wandered for about 15 minutes! We finally figured it out and got our bibs, tees, and plastic cups. We went back to the car to stash our stuff and pin on our bibs.

Time for a selfie. The hubs kissed me at the last minute, so cute!

On our way back to the race start, we saw this sign. Can you think of a better way to celebrate chocolate? Yum! We will be there the week before for the half marathon, too bad the timing wasn't better!

Time for another selfie!

We walked out onto the boardwalk just in time to run the race! My email said 8:30, but the race actually started at 8:00! We walked right out into the second wave, and basically got pushed into starting early! NO problem! The entire course was an out and back on the boardwalk, which was nice. It wasn't too hot and the crowd thinned out almost immediately!

The water on the course was spaced perfectly, and we were totally hydrated enough, which was great! The hubs stayed with me the whole time, but pulled ahead for the last quarter mile and sprinted in. Jerk. He doers that every darn time, you would think I would learn! He beat me by about a minute!
I didn't have any foot pain, and I took it pretty easy and finished in just over 35 minutes!

We were given bottled water right away, which was nice, since it was pretty warm out. They also had mini Uber bars in a variety of flavors.

After we grabbed our water we headed down to the beach for some photos. The beer garden was down there, so it worked out well. My friend had me pick up her bag since she couldn't make it, so we had three beers! The hubs only wanted one so we passed the other two on to some people who were already in the garden. There was also a coupon for crab fries, so we gave them one of those as well. They were pretty happy!

Boat selfie.....

The hubs loves Yuengling, so he was happy with his free beer! The garden was set up for fun! They had live music, corn hole, frisbees, and beach balls scattered around.

I run 4 Bryce
 I am not a beer drinker, so while the hubs stood on the long line for our free crab fries, I went back into the Trop for some Starbucks Iced Tea Lemonade. LOVE! I cannot get enough, and this one was my twelfth, so my next one is free. Party!

I have never had crab fries, so I was interested in trying them out. You can get them with sauce, but it looked cream based, so I passed. The hubs got it with sauce, and loved it! I liked the fries a lot, but they were spicy, and it was about 9:00 in the morning, so I only ate about half. 

It was a fun way to start the weekend! We gambled a bit, I actually won a bit at the Beetlejuice Slot Machine, but I never know when to quit and basically ended up donating $20.  I love me some slot machines! We went back to the car, where I changed into my PJ pants and race tee for the drive home. I am becoming the master at quick changing under a towel! 

Yes, these are Christmas PJ pants, I wear them all year round, don't judge me ;)

This weekend will be a crazy fun race weekend! The teenie and I are doing the Color Run, and then on Sunday I might be doing a 14.2 mile "training run" in NYC. This will be the true test for my foot, to see if the Fall races are going to go well. I am hoping that my foot holds up well! I am still not running much between races, although I did do a three mile run the other day! I am excited to be easing back in!

Are you racing this weekend?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday, Pretty Muddy Official Photos Edition

SO, when we finished the race, there was a table set up by the photographer. If we paid $10 at the race, we could have every picture associated with our bib number in digital download! AWESOME!!! If we didn't, it would be $10 per picture once they became available. NO brainer! Shannon and I split the cost, so for a whopping five dollars, I got about 10 pictures! There were a couple with buddy and his mom, but I won't be posting them here. Check these out, though!

group photo after the cargo climb, the scariest obstacle by far!

he took about 5 of these!

one of the first obstacles, see the mud just under my feet? Also, notice how clean my face is....

Shannon pelted me with mud, right in the face!

I was about to call her a name, but then I noticed the little girls, and called her a witch instead!

post race photo op, check out our awesome medals!

look at my droopy tutu!

I had to wipe the mud off so they could see my bib number! 

Have you ever gotten a great deal on race photos?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Pretty Muddy Chicago Recap

***** Pretty Muddy supplied me with free registration in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own!*****

Last weekend I travelled to Chicago with my friend Shannon, and Gigi from Running on Candy. I was so excited to be having a girls' weekend away, and to get muddy! I packed WAY too much, and was sure to capture my Flat Mama before I left. I made those tutus for the four of us (Gigi had a friend meeting us there!) and I couldn't wait to do a mud run in one!

We arrived Friday night, just in time for dinner! We sat next to a crazy guy on the flight in. He was super friendly but he felt the need to tell us that Midway Airport was small and if the plane didn't land properly we could hit a fence. Oh, but don't worry! Only one plane ever did that. Just before Christmas. And crushed a kid. Who was listening to Santa Claus is Coming to Town on the radio. 
Thanks dude. Big help.
We had dinner at a restaurant that was in the parking lot of our hotel but I cannot remember the name! It was Texas Roadhouse, or something like that. Yummy food! We got up early the next day, but not too early, and had breakfast at the hotel. They had a really great spread, and made waffles to order. Yum! Then we all piled into Gigi's rental car and drove the three miles to the farm where the race would be held. It truly was a farm! We were directed rather quickly to where we should park and were on our way to bib pickup almost immediately! 
Bib pickup was also super speedy! My line, for bloggers, was super short, and I was ready to go within minutes. I got a super cute pink tee, and a super cute purple bib, and met back up with my friends. We found Christine, pulled on our tutus, and posed for the obligatory pre race photos! Luckily, Christine brought her fiancé, he took pics and held all of our wedding rings!

with Shannon

Gigi and Christine

the four of us together!

with Gigi
 We decided to line up a bit early, since we had time, and get ready for the fun! The emcee was hysterical and was pumping everyone up. And then it was time to start!

Tutu power! The course ran us through corn fields, so the ground was uneven and soft. I think there was maybe 3-4 obstacles per mile. Walls to climb over (thank you for the cheater bars!) and a blow up slide with mud at the bottom. We all went up together, but Shannon and I landed last, and she whacked me with a nice wad of mud at the bottom. I was picking mud out of my ear all day!
There were mud crawls, and at one point we had to carry heavy logs around a cornfield.
There was an amazing cargo net to climb over, with a photographer underneath taking pics! More walls, with more cheater bars.
Let me stop here to chat about wearing a tutu to a mud run. Tutus get muddy. They get heavy. They fall down. It is a disaster. It was a fun disaster, but in future races, I will wear the tutu in the back, and not so much in the front. When it weighs down between your legs it is awkward!
Some of the walls were in twos or threes and you had to climb over one, under the next, etc. Lots of fun!
We crawled through tubes, and then ran through more cornfields. It was SO much fun!
I noticed that most groups were walking. We ran the whole thing! This is a great mud run for beginners! They are very low key, very high energy, very supportive!
The final obstacle was definitely put there to ensure that you finish muddy! It was a giant mud pit. Gigi and Christine were ahead of us the whole time, but they waited so that we could finish together. Gigi wanted me all the way to the right when we entered the obstacle. I didn't think anything of it at the time....

We definitely got nice and muddy, and when I finished, I got the surprise of my life. My little buddy, from I Run 4 Michael, was at the finish line waiting for me, with his parents and little brother! OMG what a shock. I squealed and scared the crap out of him! Big buddy fail! They held up a sign that said Kim Runs 4 Me, and I was just so excited to see them! We posed for some official finisher photos, although I won't share them here, since he is still so little! I did take a muddy selfie.....

muddy Shannon

muddy Gigi
 They had an area for you to hose off, and we all donated our old shoes. The water seas cold, but the pressure was perfect and we hosed off most of the mud! Then we headed back to the hotel to shower off and have lunch.
Lunch was the Rockhouse Brewery (I think) which was amazing, and then we headed into Chiacgo with Bryce and his family. Poor Gigi had a headache and she stayed behind :(

view from the Skydeck


 Afterwards, we all piled back onto the train to meet Gigi for dinner. Friday's has a gluten free menu, so we went there for dinner. Shannon, as well as Bryce's family, are all gluten free. Shannon is new to it, though, and totally fangirled over their gluten free buns!

 Sunday was an easy day by the pool for me and Bryce's family while Shannon get a pedi. Mud runs are dangerous for the toes! We took a cab back to the airport, and were gifted with an amazing driver from Hawaii named Sam. Once he realized we had a great sense of humor, he regaled us with hysterically inappropriate stories about his life in Hawaii and his wives, etc. I have never laughed so hard in my life! We laughed the whole way there!
Dinner was at Harry Caray's in the airport which had a great gluten free menu for Shannon. On our way back, I realized I lost my Fitbit One! Oh no! My phone was syncing with it, though, and we were standing in front of security when I noticed.  Luckily, they had it! Once I got over the shock, I was bummed that I had wasted an easy 1000 steps!
Getting on the plane was bittersweet! I didn't want to leave Chicago, but it was exhausting, so I was glad to be home!

Do you like to travel to races?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Asbury Park 5K Recap

WOW! I am so behind! I checked my blog calendar, and posted 3 times this month. Yikes!
Not being able to run regularly is KILLING me. I am finally seeing some healing, so it is totally worth it, but I am slowly dying inside. I kid you not. Anyone who has been injured before totally knows what I am talking about!
Besides some scattered races, I have gone on two training runs, each about 3 miles. They were okay, no real pain, a little post run soreness, pretty slow pace. The last one was more joyous, and closer to how I usually feel when I run! Progress!
SO, on August 9th I did the Asbury Park 5K for the second year. I love running in Asbury Park! The scenery is so varied, the crowds and volunteers are amazing, and Dave the Trumpeter is always there!  The race is a double loop, so I got to see Dave twice!
My little neighbor ran this race, and he had a great time. I love seeing little ones (okay he is like 10 or  12, so he isn't that little) getting into running!
Friday night I went to Asbury Park to pick up my bib and tee. All of the tees are tie dyed, but you have a better selection the night before. I was REALLY hoping for green. Green makes me smile. I had a hard time finding parking. It is a beach town, pickup was at the boardwalk, and the Stone Pony had a concert that night. UGH. I did manage to score a 15 minute parking spot. I crossed my fingers, hoped there was a short line....and ran into the Convention Hall.
Yeahhhh, they moved the pickup. If I hadn't been rushing, I might have noticed that they had a HUGE tent set up across the street!
I ran back over and got my bib and tee.

 I went back home to put out my flat mama for race day! I just recently got my new Swirlgear, and couldn't wait to test it out. What better race to wear tie dye capris than a tie dyed themed race?

I got up early the next day to get ready for my ride to the race. I love going to these races with friends, and the Duffy girls came over to pick me up. I was dressed, tatted up, and ready to go!

It was a hot day! We got there early enough for Cheryl to register, and for us to go to the bathrooms before the start. I was nervous about my foot, but I shouldn't have been! The first mile it was a little tender, but after that I barely noticed anything! It felt great! Sweaty. But great!
I was cruising along, feeling no pain, in my happy place. Ahhhhhhhhhh. I even managed to beat Cheryl to the finish, something I haven't managed more than maybe three times in the last three years!

Of course we took a post race selfie before we made our way to the food and drinks! Check out the dude between our heads. Could I have framed that better? I think not!

Same exact medal as last year. Race fail. Hopefully, they come up with a new one next year! Sheesh!

After the race, the hubs and I went to the mall for some retail therapy. The teenie has a trip to Disney coming up, and she will be singing on stage at Downtown Disney with her Theater Company. I wanted to get a new backpack, since my usual bag (with a phone charger built in) is no longer working! Off to Vera to save the day!
Best pattern ever!
Afterwards we ended the day with Lobster Fest, friends, and a sunset.
Not a bad end to the day! I set out my outfit for the Duathlon I was supposed to do the next day.

Didn't happen. DNS. I woke up to some throbbing in my foot and opted out. I am not taking any chances!!

What did you do this weekend to keep your body moving?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Thoughts about Pretty Muddy Chicago

I just wanted to share pics from Pretty Muddy Chicago Weekend! I will write up a post in a few days but I have so many words in my head, I don't know where to start right now!
Before the race with Shannon, Gigi, and Christine

Muddy after the race and so happy because Bryce came and surprised me! Holy heck!

We all went to the sky deck together! 

He helped me take some pics from 103 floors up!

He is so freakin cute! 

Gift for the hubs

More to come, I promise!