Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thursday Training Update

I'm finally getting into some what of a workout groove. It's been super rainy here, and I'm either suffering allergies or catching a cold, so I did set some limits, but I'm confident in my ability to finish the Disney Marathon without falling over first!

Thursday I did a 7 mile training run, and I can't remember if I mentioned it in my last update. It was a great run, and I felt good when I finished it, which is always important. Coming back from recovery is hard, especially with a marathon looming! We plan to walk parts of it, but still, I need to get my mileage back up before race days

Friday was a recovery day.

Saturday was the Reindeer Romp 5k and I also hiked with the boys...

Sunday was another rest day. That 2 mile hike did me in. Our trails are hilly, y'all.

Monday was when I started feeling the cold or allergies coming on. It was super rainy all week, and I felt yucky all week. I still feel yucky. Stupid weather.

Wednesday I finally got out there and ran some miles. My shin was tight but I planned easy miles so it worked out, and by Mile 3 I was good to go. I was also pretty much done, but whatever.

Not a great week, but not the worst either. Today I officially registered for my first Ragnar and Morgan is going to do it as well! I'm so excited! My friend Susie will also be there! What a fun and exhausting 48 hours or so it will be!

Have you ever done Ragnar, or something similar?

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Stop the Presses! New Heavy Medals from #runrocknroll for 2017

If, like me, you are addicted to the Rock n Roll races series, you know about the Heavy Medal program that they have for repeat
If not, allow me to explain!
When you run more than one half or full marathon in a calendar year, you get some bonus bling. Same goes for your third....fourth....fifth... They even have one if you run 10 of their events in one year! I have a few, mostly for running two or three events in a year. Here are two of the medals from past years for running two events in a year....

If you run two races in one weekend they also have Remix Medals that you receive after the last race of the weekend....

It's the same style for each race in a calendar year, but they change up the color and the details to make them each unique.

Today, Rock n Roll released the pics of the new Heavy Medals for 2017! You can check them out here:

Now, don't forget that if you are registered for multiple events in 2017, you need to go back to the link above and register so that they can send you the medals. I believe you can pick up the medals at the race after you've completed 4, but the first 2 are mailed to you, so as long as you are registered there is nothing else you have to do.
I am still deciding on which events to run in 2017, but I'm hoping to do at least 3, and I'm crossing my fingers that I will be part of Rock n Blog once again. It was a huge Joy to participate in 2016 and I made some great new friends and visited some new cities. I hope to revisit Raleigh and also try some new events. Only time will tell!

Which city....or cities... do you hope to race in next year?

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

January 2017 Challenges

I know, I know, it's only December 4th, but I am lining up my challenges for the new year and I need some help!
I signed up for a few mileage challenges that run all year, but those are things that come a little easy, but will help me tough it out on the days when I'm unmotivated.

I also joined Coach Jenny for her 2017 Challenge and that is an exercise based challenge that has you travel around the world based on how many minutes of exercise you get each day. Even with the time cap, I finished early, but it is definitely a motivator and I've met some great new friends because of it.

I'm also doing the Whole Life Challenge which has a food plan and you earn points based on your choices and your exercise and stretching.

I'm definitely looking for some more, so I need suggestions! I would love some challenges that are strength based.... you know, push ups, squats, etc with a calendar to follow.

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Reindeer Romp 5k

We started off our magical Christmasville day with a 5k race in Rock Hill. This was the official season end race for local Girls on the Run teams. As a coach, I had to get there early, so that when our girls got there, they had a Coach waiting for them.

I found our meeting flag and waited with my red hair spray. I was spraying any girl who wanted red hair and I danced around to keep warm. It was super cold at the start of the day, but it warmed up eventually.

As our team gathered, everyone started making plans as to who was running with who. Every girl had to have an adult buddy, but some of the girls teamed up, and their buddies ran behind them. Since I didn't have a child in the program I offered myself up to a fellow team, since they had some girls with no buddy. One of my girls and her dad decided to stick with us.

The race started a few minutes late, but soon we were off. One of the girls didn't like the crowds so we stayed in the back and started last. It made her so much more comfortable, and that's what Girls on the Run is all about! We decided in advance to run 3 minutes and walk 3 minutes and the girls were really good about sticking together. The course was basically a big loop that eventually brought us back the way we came in.

It was a beautiful course, well marked, with a water stop about halfway through. I also got to see my friend Lissa, who was volunteering as a course Marshall.
Before we knew it, we were running on familiar streets and approaching the finish. The girls all sped up and finished strong! They were so proud of themselves and really excited with their bling!

After they all left, I changed my clothes and the hubs and I hit Christmasville hard! It was like walking through a Hallmark movie and I could not get enough. The hubs is not as into Christmas as I am, but he was being a really good sport.

It was a busy day, and it didn't end there. We still had a trip to the Post Office, Lowes, and the grocery store to take care of. As exhausted as I was, we knew that we needed to take the pups out so we ended the day with a hike.

Whew! I'm ready for bed! What did you do today to get your body moving?

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Flat Mama Friday #girlsontherun Edition

After 10 weeks of practicing, our team of 15 amazing girls... 14 actually, one is going to a cheer competition... will be running their 5k! Some have done one before and some will be running one for the first time.
We will be running the Reindeer Romp in Rock Hill, SC and I am double excited because Rock Hill has Christmas Ville, and I have been dying to see it since we looked at houses at this time last year!
This will not be a race for me, I will be acting as buddy to another Team's runner, who doesn't have an adult to run with. I can't wait to meet her and coach her to the finish!

It's supposed to be cold in the morning so I added arm sleeves. Super fancy, right? I am hoping to find some antlers today, but I've been looking without much luck.

Are you racing this weekend?

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thursday Training Update and December Goals

Recovery is mostly over and I'm back to mostly working out. How is that for vague and ridiculous?
I have started running and walking again but I haven't really gotten back into the swing with my workouts. This is a recurring issue with me so I'm guessing that no one is shocked. I know I'm not!

Last Thursday I did a Turkey Trot in Charlotte. I wasn't sure what my goals were until I ran into Robert. That's when the goal became having fun. It was a cute race with lots of fun costumes and I got to meet Robert's mom so it was an overall great day!

Friday morning my parents left to drive back to Pennsylvania and I woke up Morgan to go for a hike. I've decided to stop referring to her as the teenie since she is almost 20 and blogs about Theater. I am not at all ok with this, but that's life!

Saturday morning was the Ugly Sweater Fun Run with Fleet Feet. I met up with some ladies I used to mentor and they were walking, so I joined them and caught up on life in general. It was a perfect morning!

Sunday was pretty much a lazy day. I did some squats and crunches and planks but nothing crazy.

Monday was our last practice with GOTR, and I wanted to do my Run Streak Mile with them, which is always a good time. The hubs and I also walked the dogs. It was about 70 minutes total.

Tuesday was back to running, and the weather couldn't have been better. It was in the 60s! I set out with no goals in mind, just wanting to enjoy the run. Imagine my surprise when I ended up with negative splits and my fastest time since June!

Wednesday I walked my Run Streak Mile. No pics because walking is not exciting.

Today I did this week's long run because I am running a 5k on Saturday with GOTR. I started out like Tuesday and made my run breaks shorter to slow myself down. I am glad I did because some of the hills were crazy slippery with wet leaves!

December Goals....

60 miles
2 workouts a week that are PiYo or Core de Force
Plank every day
Make good food choices

Pretty simple... it is the Holiday Season after all!

Happy December everyone!

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