Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, August 3, 2020

Ramblin Rose Virtual Triathlon

Yesterday, I finished my very first triathlon.... virtually. This is something I have wanted to do for several years, and every year, something would happen to stop me from participating.
The first year, I had a ten mile run for marathon training the day before and when I woke up on race day, I was exhausted. I didn’t want to get injured, so I DNSd it. I’m still conflicted about that decision.
Last year, I registered, I trained again, and then a hurricane cane through and they cancelled it. You could defer to a future date that year, but I was already racing that weekend, So it didn’t work out.
This was going to be my year.
I was going to finally do a triathlon.
For obvious reasons, the race went virtual. You could do it all at once, one leg a day, so long as you finished it in 72 hours. This felt like a cop out for me, so I decided I would do it all on a weekday. As I looked at my week, I realized that wouldn’t work either. With my knee injury, the day after a run is often a hot achey mess. 
I decided to split it up between two days. 
I did my long run on Saturday morning with my group, and that was 6 miles. The race is a sprint so I needed to swim 250 yards, run 2 miles, and ride 9 miles. 
My run portion was done, but since I had water duty, I had to hang around until the marathoners finished their miles, which could be anywhere between 10 and 20. I ended up leaving around 10:30 and was home after 11. 
My neighborhood pool would already be full, so I knew I would have to wait until Sunday. I decided I wold do the swim, come home and have breakfast, and then do the ride.
I hadn’t practiced all summer because our pool had restrictions at first, and then there were some issues with cleanliness. They finally got their act together, so at the minute the pool opened, I was walking in to do my laps. I’m so glad we did it this way, because when we left, the pool was starting to fill up!
The pool portion was a hot mess. I am not a good swimmer, which is why I’ve been avoiding triathlons. This event is perfect, because even at an actual event, you’re swimming in a pool! 
I went home, had some breakfast, and then hit the Peloton for my ride. I made sure to pick a challenging ride to mimic the hills I would have ridden in the race.
It just about killed me, but I finished! Whew! My knee is still a hot mess today, but now it is just stiff, and not really painful. 
I am waiting on my swag,  but here are my stats:

Friday, July 31, 2020

July Reads

July was a bit of a slow month, I guess! As we are able to get out more and more often, I am definitely reading less. I did enjoy every book I read, which was nice!
The Penguins Saved Veronica was my Once Upon a Book Club selection, and it was fun and quirky, and I couldn’t put it down. Having gifts to open certainly didn’t hurt, and they were a lot of fun as well! 
The Night Window was the 5th and final Jane Hawk book. I was really worries about how it would wrap up, but I loved the ending, and I’m really sad that it’s over. What an amazing triumph of good over evil!
The Summer We Lost Her was a great look into a troubled family that probably looked great from the outside. I was NOT a fan of the hubby by the end, and I’m kind of sad that she stayed with him, but who I am to judge?

What was your favorite book from your July reads?

Monday, July 27, 2020

Training Update

I’ve basically been having a major pity party since March, and it’s time for that to end! Back to life, back to reality, and the reality is that I’ve gotten myself into a pretty decent groove. I’m still recovering from my November knee injury, so it’s an adjusted groove in some ways, but I’m liking it!
I am also studying for my 300 hour yoga certification (I have my 200 hour) so I have been working on my meditations a lot more. 

Monday I did a 30 minute Peloton ride, live with Ben. 

Tuesday is track day. We did a one mile warmup and one mile on the track, and then a one mile walk. This is part of my new groove. I’m really only supposed to run twice a week and I’m running three times, so I walk a mile of my Tuesday run and that makes it ok. Right?

Wednesday I taught Zoom yoga, although that’s not where my mat is when I do that! Then I did a 20 minute live ride with Robin and a meditation. 

Thursday I started with two miles. We ran one and walked one because my knee ached. It freaked me out, I’m not gonna lie. I came home and did 20 minutes of yoga and a meditation. 

When I woke up on Friday my knee felt great so I started the Power Zone program on the Peloton. It’s supposed to help you ride better, so I’m giving it a try. 35 minutes with Matt, the Baby Faced Assassin. I got a PR on the warmup ride! Oh, and I meditated!

Saturday was long run day, and it was crazy humid. We all struggled through those miles, but I’m so proud of my group for getting it done!
Also. I meditated. 

Sunday was the PeloFondo. It’s this crazy challenge that happens every few months. You pick a distance between 35-200 miles for the weekend and then you do it! I combined it with Tour de Jess. The tour got me 27.39 miles and then I had 7.61 miles left and nothing in the mental tank. I turned on a Cody ride and he got me through! 35 miles! Also 10 minutes of stretching and a meditation that night. Exhausting.

I’m still tired today!
What was your favorite workout this week?

Thursday, July 23, 2020

I Have 99 Problems But My Peloton Ain't One

I have been wanting to post about my Peloton since the day that I got it, I'm not gonna lie. That was way back on May 14, but I knew that I wanted to know more about it before I posted. 
I decided to wait until my 25th ride, which became my 50th ride, etc and here I am, 114 rides in, finally posting! I will try not to ramble, and start from the beginning, and end at the end, but no promises.

In the world of Covid, Peloton delivers your bike assembled, but won't bring it past the inside of your door. You get to choose which door that is, and I chose the garage. They brought it in, attached the monitor, and turned it on. They also brought in the shoes, weights, and earbuds. I initially ordered a cheaper mat through amazon, but it got lost, and I had to order a new one through Peloton. That mat beat the bike here, which was great! I also skipped the heart rate monitor that Peloton offers. I heard that it was a nightmare so I bought a Scosche instead. You connect it the first time under the settings, and then every time you turn it on, it automatically connects. 

Because the delivery men couldn't bring it upstairs like usual, I had to wait for my son to come home so that he could help bring it upstairs. The Peloton weighs about 135 pounds, and with my bum knee, I couldn't help the hubs carry it up. The two of them did it easily, and soon I was good to go. 

While it was still in the garage, I went through the process of setting it up, adjusting the seat, etc, and naming the bike. Yes, they ask you to name your Peloton. I named mine Jolene. 

Y'all it legit took me 5 minutes to clip in the first time. Possibly longer. May in the South is seriously hot and I was a sweaty mess! I finally managed it, and tried taking a 20 minute class and had to bail after 5 minutes! I was drenched! I did take that class again once it was upstairs, though. 

Along with the classes, there are scenic rides with generic music that you can take at your own pace. 

So let's talk shoes. You need shoes that clip in, and Peloton provides them when you buy the bike as part of the package. I have kind of wide-ish feet, and any time I rode for more than an hour (we will talk about that craziness soon) my toes would pinch and then get super painful. I finally bought new ones, Tommaso Pista Women's Spin Shoes on amazon, and they were a gift from the heavens! They even clip in and out easier, something that did get better with practice. Doing the Mastering the Basics Program helped with that as well, because the instructors talk you through a lot of stuff. 

It didn't take me long to hit 50 riders. Exactly a month, actually. I discovered the Tour, a crazy group formed by some regular people who wanted a challenge. 

The Original Tour is one class with every instructor. There are 23 of them, y'all. 23 instructors. Most of them have 5 minute classes, but 2 or 3 of them don't, so you have to do longer classes for those. I ended up riding almost 29 miles in one sitting, and my fanny hurt! To complete a Tour you have to do each class in succession without stopping. 
The instructor tours (see below) are pre selected, and you have to take the correct classes in the selected order. I have done 5 of those so far. Each takes roughly 2 hours, although some can be longer. I think Robin is over 3 hours.

Along the way, I have added to my little Peloton corner. I got this fun PR Board on Etsy, although I wish I had gotten a bigger one! This one doesn't have 5 or 10 on it, or 90. I loved having it there for motivation, though! All of my decals came from Etsy as well. Jolene, my Leaderboard name, and the cute crowns for my milestone rides all came from there.

You can earn badges! There are badges for some of the series (BLM, Pride, Artist Series, WHM) as well as badges for milestones. There are also monthly challenges that can earn you badges. I love badges. Badges are amazing. Like bling you don't have to find a rack for.

Just in time for my 100th ride, I received some fun swag. For everyone who uses my referral code (it's NWF226 by the way) they get $100 off their bike and I get $100 to use towards swag from the shop. I got the tank, the headband, and 3 of the most amazing towels ever.
 I ordered the pants from the Tour. They are soft like butter.

The day or so after that amazing 100th ride, you get an email to order your free tee. It takes at least 8 weeks to get it, so I will probably be at ride 200 when it comes, but I ain't mad. Free is for me! More about my 100th ride below.

I don't actually like wine, but otherwise this is true.

Last week, they started the Pelothon. You choose your team, which consists of cycling instructors plus a couple others to round it out. My friends and I chose the Grit and Grace Gang. Week 1, we had to take one class with each instructor. Of course, we got a badge at the end of the week! Week 2 is this week, and we had to take 2 live classes by any instructor. I did Cody and Robin!

For my 25th, 50th, and 75th rides I put a tank top poll on my insta and let my followers choose a shirt. This was my gift to myself for sticking with it. Those rides were happening so fast that I am doing it every 50 rides now. The one below was for my 75th. I have been finding them online and then searching for them on Etsy. You can find anything on Etsy.

My 100th ride. So much fun! It's a fun custom among Peloton users to get these fun balloons for your 100th ride. I mentioned it to the hubs and he kind of brushed it off, so I let it go. One of the runners in my running club, who also has a Peloton, surprised me with them! She brought them the afternoon of my ride, and was one of my friends who joined me. (Thanks again, Sarah!!) I chose a Robin ride, and it turned out to be a hilly ride with upper body thrown in! Sorry again, ladies!

I know that there was more I wanted to say, but I will leave you with a few tips! 

I haven't lost much weight but I did lose inches and I am firming up!
The official Peloton FB page is a horrible place, everyone is really mean!
There is a Super Newbie page that is much kinder, and super informative.
Cody's fan page, called #BooCrew is also amazing.
The Peloton will change your life.
There are also yoga, meditation, boot camp, walking, running, and strength classes. 
My faves are Robin, Cody, and Ally.
If you are a newbie, do your best, but don't stress if you can't do the cadence or resistance called for. You'll get there.
I dare you to buy the Peloton and not spend another $500 on cute clothes and stickers and more.
Obviously, you don't need any of those things, but they are so much fun.

Do you have a Peloton? Follow me!!!