Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Christmas in Florida with the Mount Dora Half Marathon

I am receiving entry into the Mount Dora Half Marathon as part of being a BibRave Pro (ambasador). Check out to read and write race reviews.

Who doesn't love a holiday themed race? Especially one that takes place in Florida in mid December? I am so excited to be making the final arrangements for my trip to Mount Dora for the half marathon! I have been training all season for my Fall and Winter races so I am definitely ready to go.

Today I booked my airfare (gotta loved Frontier airlines and their inexpensive flights!) and I will book my hotel tonight. I'm looking forward to a few days in Florida just before the craziness of Christmas starts.

I'm also looking forward to the candy cane medals, I'm not gonna lie.

I will also get to connect with some fellow BibRave Pros, as well as some other running friends, which I always look forward to.

If you haven't registered yet, be sure to use the discount code above to get 10% off, and don't forget the 5k on Saturday! Double the fun is always encouraged!

Will I see you on December 16th in Mount Dora?

Monday, November 12, 2018

Weekly Training Update

The plantar fasciitis seems to be clearing up a little and I'm going to start easing back in to regular workouts this week. Last week was definitely a lighter week, but I did manage to get in some good workouts.

Monday I met the hubs at the neighborhood gym after my events committee meeting. 30 minutes on the elliptical and no foot pain is a win win.

Tuesday I ran in the neighborhood, since the training season is over. We will still meet up on Saturdays for long runs though! I ran to vote, and then walked back, for a total of 5 miles.

Wednesday I taught yoga, focusing on upper body, before I ran errands and went to the matinee viewing of the new Nutcracker movie. I never take pics at yoga, so this is all I have!

Thursday I ran 2 miles in the neighborhood with no pain! I decided to walk the rest and stay that way! 4 miles total.

I also taught yoga that night, focusing on glutes and hips.

Friday was a crazy day, no exercise!

Saturday was long run day, which ended up being a 5 mile run and a bit of walking.

Sunday we had a chili cook off in the neighborhood to honor the Veterans so no planned exercise that day!

I am planning on having a better week this week, including some fun Class Pass workouts!

Did you try anything new last week?

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Planning my 2019 Achievement Board

Way back in December 2012 I was watching a Christmas Movie based on Little Women, but modernized. In the movie, Meg gave Jo a chart for her goals, which looked like a giant flower or something similar. Each section had a goal in it, and when she met that goal she could color in the section.
How cool is that?
And so my first Achievement Board was born.

I filled it with goals and colored them as I met them, adding more as the year went on. I knew I might not reach them all, and that was ok. Each colored in section was a victory!

In late 2013, I heard about the One Word movement, where you choose one word to live your year by. I loved this idea and have been using it ever since.

I've colored in sections, probably on all of them, after these pics were taken. I love thinking of a word or phrase each year.

I've been thinking the last couple of weeks about my 2019 word. I wanted it to be along the lines of my goals this year of doing scary things and hard things, but too many of the words were similar to ones I've already used.

I knew that it would come to me if I was patient. I am not patient. But anyway.

Today, on my glorious Fall run, a song came on.

A couple of years back, my daughter made me a plaque out of the lyrics, and every time it comes on, I tear up thinking about it.

How perfect is this?
My phrase for 2019 will be

(Even though I could fail)

Have you ever chosen a One Word?

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Tuesday Training Update

I'm going to start with the Marine Corps 10k, since it set the tone for the whole week, and I haven't really talked about it yet.

My foot had been achey all week, and by mile 2 I knew something was wrong. I was already so frustrated that I couldn't run the marathon and this was such a tough pill to swallow. My new kicks weren't broken in, and never will be. They annihilated my feet, y'all. I could barely walk afterwards, but I managed to finish!

I limped around for days afterward, it feels a lot like plantar fasciitis, so I bought inserts and ordered new kicks and I've been sleeping with the foot brace on. It's feeling a lot better but not at 100%.

Monday was a travel day. I limped around for about a mile with my friends before we left DC but that's about it.

Tuesday I basically sat on my butt and rested my foot. There may have been Hallmark Christmas movies involved.

Wednesday I started the day teaching Yoga, and then it was mostly all about Halloween. I did go see the original Shining movie during the matinee!

Thursday I was feeling sick, so another day on the couch for me!

Friday was errand day, but I squeezed in a 35 minute Barre class on Class Pass Live plus I taught yoga that night!

Saturday was the Charlotte 5k. Even with the PF I pulled out my fastest 5k in 2 years! Woohoo!

I probably walked another 3 miles afterwards while spectating the marathon!

Sunday we did a lot of walking at the Fall Festival in town.

Not really the greatest week, but I made the best of a bad situation!

Monday, November 5, 2018

Scooby Doo Run Virtual Race Series Part 2

I recieved entry into the Scooby Doo Virtual Race Series as part of being a Bibrave Pro (ambassador). Check out to read and write race reviews.

The pups are pooped and the hubs keeps giving me the side eye, but the Scoobtober 10k is complete! We varied the routes a bit this time around and the 5k all at once just about killed all 3 of them, but they did it!

What is a virtual race? It's a race that you do on your own time, wherever you choose. It's a great way to earn bling and sometimes swag while getting out into the fresh air. No stress, no expectations. Perfection.

Since we did the challenge, we got 3 medals for the humans and 2 medals for each pup, plus bandanas for each pup, and a tee and sling bag. Score!

The pups really enjoy being out in the world, getting to sniff every.darn.thing. and we enjoyed spending time together. Every body wins!

Memphis really loves his bling...

Nugget's medal hits the ground when she wears it, which freaks her out, but she likes the bandana, because it makes her look so cute!

They both want to know when they can take part in another event!

Nugget has that lethargic, post-race-blues kind of vibe going on. She needs another goal, I think.

Memphis just wants to eat all the food and doesn't care what anyone thinks.

He also wants to add to the Puppy Bling Wall.

Have you ever done a race with your pups, virtual or otherwise?