Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wordless Wednesday, MCM edition

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Face Your Fears, March Edition

Everybody has a list of things that scare them. Whether it's spiders, clowns, horses, or heights. Maybe, for you, it's none of the above. Everyone has a different list.
This is the year of my 45th birthday, and I compiled a list of things that scare me, one for each month of the year.
Well, except for January, which is the month that I made the list.

Last month I went Line Dancing. Alone. This may seem silly to a lot of people, but for me it was huge.

This month, I chose Aerial Yoga.

I got super lucky and scored a Groupon for Aerial CLT, in Pineville NC. This is a quick 25 minute ride from my house in SC. The Groupon was for an 8 week beginner course in silks.
I missed the first week because it started the day I travelled back from NOLA, and I barely made it back in time. I was exhausted. I had maybe 15 minutes to change and jump back in the car if I wanted to get there on time, so I opted for the couch.

An excuse?

Let's talk about why it scares me in the first place.

I'm not really afraid of heights, although falling from them doesn't sound especially fun.
I was afraid of being the biggest girl there.
I was afraid that I would suck.
Before I registered, I was afraid I would be too big.
I was definitely afraid to see the pics afterwards.
Let's not even start about doing something new on my own.

So let's break it down from start to finish.

I arrived at the Yoga Studio, and it was one big room, as you can see from the photo above. There was a cute little girl getting a private lesson, and she was doing some pretty amazing things, considering it was her 3rd lesson.
This got some of the ladies talking, and they were saying how hard it was at the first lesson.

Soon, the other beginners started to arrive, and some of my fears grew just a tad.

I'm pretty sure I was the oldest one there, which I didn't know was a fear until that moment.
I was definitely the biggest girl there. Luckily, when I registered, the weight limit was posted and I didn't come anywhere near it.
I sucked. But not at everything.

I was also not the only one to miss the first class, so I wasn't necessarily holding everyone back. Another fear that hadn't occurred to me until that night.

We started off with a review of the week before, which helped the 2 newbies.
We had to wrap our hands in the silks and lift our knees to our chests. Repeatedly.
Oh my heck.
Y'all, I have the upper body strength of a newborn. This sucked a lot. For real. I was worried.

Next we did a foot hold that I barely managed. I managed to get myself about 3 inches off of the ground. Seriously. Then we were supposed to pull ourselves up again. That so did not happen, so now I have a goal for my next class!

Okay, so now I'm freaking out a bit because my gazelle of a partner was really good at the first hold. I was feeling a little self conscious, but I decided to be a good sport about it, and that definitely changed the way I looked at the class.
The next thing we worked on was a more secure foothold. You had to pull your knee up really high, which I sucked at, to get the silk wrapped around your foot. Once I figured out the best way to do that, I rocked it.

We worked on a few positions after this, which mostly involved leaning away from the silks and curling into little balls. I was really good at this!
Our final position was to wrap our foot into the silk and make a cocoon around us. It was a little difficult to get started, but it was fun to do!
Afterwards, we had a few minutes to take pics in the pose of our choice. No time for anything crazy, though.

Not super proud of that mid section, but look at me up there! I look awesome! I will post more impressive pics next week, if I can.

Some of my fears definitely came true, but I am glad I tried it, and I cannot wait to go back on Monday night. Tuesday and Wednesday were hell on my arms, but today I feel almost normal, so I'm optimistic that next week will be better.

My April fear is ziplining, and I will be booking that in the next few days. The Boy has expressed interest in joining me, and I hope he does, it will be more fun with someone to enjoy it with.

Have you tried Aerial Yoga? Ziplining?

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Volunteering at RnR NOLA

I received a bib for the Rock n Roll New Orleans Half Marathon as part of being a BibRave Pro. Check out to read and write race reviews.

If you've been following along, you know that I'm injured. Again. It seems that my other foot is now experiencing the same posterior tibial tendonopathy that I had in December. Shoot me now.


We were all set to travel to NOLA, so we knew that we would be coming anyway. I might have whined a bit on Facebook and a friend suggested I join her husband's running club and volunteer at the mile 11.5 water stop. Perfect!

I arrived at around 7 am, plenty of time to help set up before the 10k runners came by.

I have never had so much fun volunteering! This was my first time at a water stop, and it was hard work, but so much fun!

I handed out water for about 4 hours, while dancing and cheering. So many said that it was their favorite stop so far!

Most of the men were in red dresses to advertise for their August event, the Red Dress Run. It put a smile on a lot of faces, especially towards the end.

Once the crowd dwindled down, I walked my friend Carolyn to the finish.

It really was the perfect day. I wish I had something to report about the actual race, I have heard amazing things all day!

I will say that RnR has great volunteer swag!

And volunteering was almost as hard as running a half, just less impact!

Did you run this morning? Did you dance down the road at mile 11.5? (Mile 4.5ish for the 10k)

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Rock n Roll NOLA expo!

I received a bib for RnR New Orleans as part of being a BibRave Pro. Check out to read and write race reviews.

Yesterday the hubs and I arrived in New Orleans for Rock n Roll weekend!

We have been exploring the city, eating all the food, and having a great time!

Unfortunately, due to injury, I cannot run tomorrow as planned. Instead, I will be volunteering at a water stop! I'll be at mile 4 for the 10k and mile 11 for the half and full marathon.
I did hit the expo anyway, since I had a bib, and RnR puts on a great expo.

I met up with some friends and we all wandered the expo together. I easily picked up my bib and tee, with barely any line at all.

Time to see the expo!
The Brooks merch was amazing as always, but since I'm not running I couldn't justify spending any money on race swag. Something new that I noticed was that they print all the runners' names on the back of the tees!

I visited the Geico booth but didn't win a tee. If you win a tee and wear it to the race, they give you a free massage at the finish!
I scored some free gum, and then made a beeline for the Toyota booth. They always have the coolest stuff to do.

I got an iron on for my shirt sleeve there as well!

I also ran into a friend...

As we left, crossing over a timing mat made your name show up with a Good Luck message on a screen. I tried to get a pic but someone stepped in my way. There were so many people there that I didn't even try again. It was fun to see, though!

I enjoyed the expo, even if I'm not racing. I'm looking forward to volunteering tomorrow morning, even though I have to get up even earlier than
I would if I was racing!

I will post about my first experience as a water stop volunteer tomorrow night!

Have you ever volunteered at a race?

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Avoiding the Shower of Death with Pjuractive

I received Pjuractive as part of being a BibRave Pro. Check out to read and write race reviews.

You're laughing, or possibly scratching your head, but if you've run in the rain or the heat, you know what I'm talking about. For men, it's usually their nipples or possibly their inner thighs. For women, it's usually the sports bra line and.... well.... their delicate parts. If you wear underwear when you race, it's also your.... well, we are all adults here, your butt crack.
Still laughing? You might be, it's funny when it's not happening, but it happens way too often.

I have had some very sad mishaps during races, and the consequences can last for days afterwards. Chafing, cutting, bleeding.
Pjuractive 2skin is amazing to prevent these instances. The gel rubs on easily and after 10 seconds, you can dress and go. I usually put on my sports bra first and then apply it to the problem area, count to 10 and go. So.easy.

You can also use Pjuractive 2skin on your toes. I have a couple toes that rub together constantly. They don't always blister, but a rough spot usually forms and eventually becomes painful. Not any more! A few drops of 2skin, rubbed onto my toes, and I am good to go!
I carry it with me to all of my races now, and I'm packing for Disney today...

So let's get the details out of the way...

Sweat and water resistant... I sure tested that!

Does not clog pores!
For all areas of the body
Can be used in hot and cold temps

Ummmm, winning!

They have Body After Shave Spray as well, for athletes who shave full body for swimming! No more razor burn or skin irritation!

What is the worst chafing you've ever had after a race?

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Facing My Fears in 2018 Part One

For my 45th birthday this April I decided that I would do something that scared me. I chose ziplining, but not for the reasons you would normally assume. I'm not afraid of heights, or of falling. I am afraid of how I will look while I'm doing it. I know that I am overweight, I actually fall under the obese category. I'm afraid of how I will look, or what people will think.

I decided that I wouldn't let that fear get in my way, and I would try ziplining in April when I turn 45.
This started me thinking about other things I could do, one each month, that I'm afraid of.
Some of these may seem silly to others, and I am ok with that. This is *my* list. I was asking for suggestions, and some of things that my friends suggested (a helicopter ride, for example) were things that I've done without a second thought. Everyone has different fears, and they are all valid.
While I was making my list, I saw that a local Amercan Legion had a line dancing club that met every Friday night!

Gasp! I love line dancing. I shared it on my wall and asked for interest from my friends. No one expressed any interest to me, but a few friends went anyway and didn't include me. I was heartbroken . They said they hadn't seen my post, and didn't think I would be interested so they didn't ask me.
The hubs said I should just go alone.

Whaaat? Go somewhere alone?
What if I didn't know anyone?
What if I was dressed wrong?
What if I got laughed at?
What if I couldn't do it?

For real, y'all, these are the thoughts that went through my mind. I realized that this needed to be my first fear, and if I didn't do it right away, it would be another month or so before I had an open Friday night.

On Friday night, I'm not gonna lie, I had 20 reasons why I should just stay home.
This is what I do when I don't want to do something because I'm scared, nervous, or intimidated.

The Olympics are on.
I have a race tomorrow.
I'm tired.
And on and on and on.

But I went. I paid my $5 and jumped right in. I promised myself I would stay for an hour and go home to get an early bedtime for Saturday's race.

I was one of the youngest there. I had no clue what I was doing. I messed up. A lot.

I had so much fun. I caught on pretty quickly most of the time. I ran into some of the ladies I know from volunteering at the book store. I had

The first time I looked at my watch it had been more than an hour. I ended up staying for about 90 minutes!

I loved every minute and I cannot wait to go back at the end of March.
I learned a few important things about runners who line dance. Line dancing is hard on your hips and calves! These are the muscles that suffer the most on hilly races. Saturday morning was rough, but so worth it!
I conquered my first year!

Next up....

Aerial Yoga in March. Look out for my post, I am signed up for an 8 week class that starts the first Monday in March.

Have you ever tried Aerial Yoga?