Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

I know, I know, but I'm excited!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

NYC Marathon...... Did you get in?

Third time was the charm, I am running NYC!


Did you enter? Are you in?!?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fabulous Fit Gear Swap with Bendiful Blog

I was so thrilled to see that Renee from was hosting a Fit Gear Swap in February ! I had some bad luck with a swap at Christmas, and I knew this would be the right time to try again! 
I was lucky to be paired with Annmarie from FitFoodieMama, a blog I already follow!
I got my package right on time and was happy to see so many things I love inside!

Are you jealous? You totally should be! Wanna join in? You totally can!
How does it work?
So how does it work? 
  • Each month you can sign up for the gear swap. You will be matched with another swapper. You will purchase $20 worth of gear that you think your swapper would like. (if they are into YOGA DO NOT buy them Crossfit gear, please)  It’s a great way to share your favorite items with people who are also interested in great gear.
  • You MUST sign up through the form by the 5th of the month, and agree to ship your gear out by the 15th of the month.
  • You will email your match and get an idea of their workout gear likes and dislikes, ask for sizing if you plan to look for apparel, no one wants gear that doesn’t fit.
  • The Best part YOU will also receive a package each month from your match!
  • Get great gear and meet some new friends throughout the month.
  • CURRENTLY ONLY open to people in the United States.
  • On the last day of the month, you can share (Blog, tweet, facebook, instagram) your new fit gear with the hashtag #fabulousfitgear
  • I will host a blog link up here at for all the blog posts!

I hope I see some great swap pics from you all next month!

What's the coolest thing you have gotten from a swap?

E Murray Todd Half Marathon Recap

Sunday was my third time running the E Murray Todd Half Marathon in Lincroft, NJ with my running bestie.

The weather called for snow, but not until afternoon, so we were optimistic. It was super cold, though, and even my warm weather running clothes weren't keeping me totally warm. I arrived at the race with plenty of time to grab my bib and tee, and meet up with some other Half Fanatics for a photo op.

What an attractive bunch we are!
We hung around a bit, mostly stalling before we had to walk outside for the race start at 9:00.
It was pretty cold out, but we knew that once we started, it would be okay!

Neither of us have  been training enough,  so we planned to do a walk/run, especially walking the many many hills! Luckily, we knew what to expect, so there were no surprises. 

At the top of this hill was the five mile mark. Afterwards, we started running past the nice big mansions. After this, it started snowing. Not very hard, just enough to be pretty. This was also where it got a little dangerous.
The roads aren't closed for the race, but there are plenty of volunteers and police keeping the traffic at bay. After that fifth mile, however, there were less volunteers and lots of twisty roads. More than once, a car came very close to hitting us! I don't blame the race, I blame the reckless drivers!

This was another of the big hills! Yikes! Our friends caught up with us at this point, so of course we stopped for a selfie. 

And some scenery....

Soon, we got to the ten mile mark and we knew we would be entering the park. This is one of my favorite parts, mostly because we are finally off the road. This is where the snow started really picking up. This is also where we saw Dave the trumpeter. I just love this guy!

The snow was really bad by now, we hit mile 11...

And 12.....

By now we were not really even looking up because the snow was driving right into our faces. We left the park and were on the road again, briefly, before we were back on the road entering the college parking lots.

We finally saw the final stretch leading to the finish line. Whew! We were so very cold, but we had to stop for a snowy selfie.

The race was over. It took us just over 3 hours. All they had left were bananas and water. I don't eat bananas, but I got my bottled water and went to look for my Sherpa. 

We did get bling, though! This is the first year that they had medals and I was very happy to get mine!

Maybe next year we will get back under 3 hours, but I doubt we will stress over it very much. This race is always a train wreck, but we love starting the season off this way! It's a sickness, I know.

Next stop? Washington DC with Rock n Roll!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Flat Mama Friday

I have really missed these!!
Sunday is my first half marathon of the year and I got a new hat and jacket to wear. It is going to be in the 20s when we start! Yikes! Cross your fingers for no snow!

Are you racing this weekend?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

#ThrowbackThursday E Murray Todd Half Marathon Edition

This Sunday will be my 3rd E Murray Todd Half Marathon, here are some pics from the two previous races.....
2013 with Eileen
2013 with Lisa
2014 with Eileen and Kevin


 The weather report keeps changing, I wonder what I will be wearing on Sunday?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

I'm going! I signed up for the 5k and the half through my running club! Woot!

Yesterday was my I Run 4 buddy's birthday do I ran 4ish miles in 44:44 and then wrote this message at the ultra cold bay.

My next challenge via Moonjoggers

The teenie's new PJs. They look Uncomfy to sleep in.

Happy Hump Day!