Wednesday, October 16, 2019

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Monday, October 14, 2019

Training Update.... Shamrock Marathon

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I've decided to run the Shamrock Marathon this March, while I'm in Virginia Beach for a BibRave Summit. Basically, BibRave Pros are raiding Virginia Beach so that we can all hang out, and meet IRL, and run all the miles. At first, I was considering the half, but I haven't trained for a marathon in the winter for awhile, so why not?
Training started this week. 

The race has a super generous time limit, so it is all about logging the miles, and stressing about my pace. I have a bunch of races planned between now and then, so I had to fiddle with my plan a little bit, but it's ready to go! I just got my new journal for 2020, and once I've got the calendar portion all set, I will write in my plans in erasable ink. 

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I love this journal! I have had it in past years, but this year I tried a new one, didn't love it, learned my lesson, and went back! I chose orange for BibRave, but also because I love the message. I am competing. With myself. I am the only one that matters!

What races will I be sprinkling throughout my training? 
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I am running the Zooma Amelia Island Seaside Challenge this weekend, which is a 5k and a half marathon. 

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Two weeks after that, I am running the Wine and Dine challenge, which is a  10k and a half marathon.

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Two weeks after that, I am running the Charlotte Marathon 5k, and then I am spectating the half and full marathon. I do this every year, in some form, I have done the half marathon in the past as well.

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The week after Charlotte, I am doing the Crooked Road Ultra. My plan is to aim for 26.2, and then, if I don't already want to die, aim for a 50k. I have 24 hours to do it, and I have friends who will be there to keep me motivated. Plus, we camp, which is always fun.

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Two weeks after that, my 5k Crew will be running the Gingersnap 5k. It is a GOTR race, and should be a blast. I will do my long run on a Thursday that week.

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The week after that will be my 3rd Kiawah Half Marathon. A huge group from my running club goes every year, so it should be fun!

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A couple months after Kiawah, I will be running NOLA. I haven't registered yet, but the hubs is super excited, so I am kinda stuck. There are worse things to be stuck with!

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Two weeks later is Hot Chocolate Charlotte. I will be doing the 15k for the third year in a row, which means bonus swag! Woohoo!!

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One week later, on Leap Day, is the Jail Break Half. I will be adding a new state to my map, since it is in Texas, and a bunch of my besties are going, so it will be a great time!!

Two weeks of tapering follow that race and them I am running Shamrock. Don't worry, I squeezed an 18 miler and two 20 milers in there as well, so I will be prepared! There is also a trail 5k and a turkey trot thrown in on weekdays as well!

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Do you have any fun races coming up? Any big plans?