Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Angry Run

I was seriously considering doing my run tomorrow, I was tired and a little achy from yesterday's not-quite-5-mile run. Then I heard some more annoying news about the drama we are having with one of my son's teachers. This teacher is a bully and has chosen my son as the proverbial punching bag this year, it seems. I decided that i *needed* to run, so off I went!

I planned my route ahead of time, something different than my usual route. A trip to the beach and back, with a few extra blocks on East Ave, which runs along the ocean, to make the extra distance I would need. The bridge I have to run over (and again on the way back!) is far larger than my usual bridge and I was dreading it. Luckily, my good friend Kelly Q. from the school I worked at last year was at the side street at the base of the bridge, waiting to pull onto Bridge Ave. She gave me 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up, which made me smile all the way to the ocean, and most of the way back.

The run was great, it was so beautiful out, the view was nice the whole way, and the people on the sidewalk all shared the road, which is very unusual! I had to stop on the way back over the bridge for a pic, the sky was so beautiful.

I am so glad I decided to run today, I got my 3.5 miles in, I am off til Saturday, and I am much calmer than I was when I left!

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