Monday, January 30, 2012

Clothing Malfunction!!!

Today was my short run.....

But let me start with Sunday morning, when I woke up with *sore* quads. were they tired! Every time I got up, I wanted to sit back down! I stalled and I stalled, but I promised myself I would do some strength training, so I got out my RKC Kettlebell workbook. I did 2 workouts, shorties that totalled about 27 minutes after I skipped the second warmup. In it, though, were mostly squats and swings, so by the time I was done, my legs were even more tired!

My legs were still tired and achy today, but I did my short run anyway! 45 minutes, actually ended up being 44, and I did about 3.6 miles. My pace was a little slower, but not as slow as I expected. yay me!

Now to the malfunction, which is actually sort of a NSV (non scale victory) because the hem of my favorite long sleeved Under Armour shirt for the cold weather kept loosening up and puddling around my waist! It has a gripper strip around the inside of the hem that *used* to stick to my pants when I ran, but my hips aren't as wide as they used to be, and it kept riding up. Yay, but not yay, all at the same time!

Tomorrow is an hour and if the weather stays this way, it might have to be at the gym! I have been enjoying this warm weather, but it *is* winter, so  no complaints!

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