Friday, January 13, 2012

If You're Going Through Hell

If your going through hell
Keep on going, don't slow down
If you're scared don't show it
You might get out
Before the devil even knows you're there
-Rodney Atkins

Today was a 30 minute run. No big deal, except the lingering arch pain, and the Cardio Ball class right after! I did 2.5 miles today, slowing only to take drinks, since it is do darn hot on that second floor! The arch pain came and went, which is great, I am hoping it will end sooner rather than later!

Cardio Ball was as fun as last week, even with the weights. she added today. Ask me tomorrow if I still feel the same....

Tomorrow is a 60 minute run, my longest to date, unless you count the Turkey Trot in November. It will be too cold to run outside, so I am stuck on the treadmill. If I don't die of boredom, I will let you know how it went!

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