Saturday, January 28, 2012

Loving This "Spring" Weather!

This weather is crazy!!! It was over 50* out when I left for my long run today. 80 minutes, the farthest I have run yet! Jon  came with me on his bike for my run down Princeton Avenue. I wasn't sure how my pace would be without my earphones plugged in, but I kept it at a nice steady 12 minute mile pace!

I got in 6.7 miles today, with a bridge each way and some gentle hills. I wore my water belt today as a test run. It has 2 kidney shaped bottles that each hold 8 oz. and a pouch that I put my sport beans into. Most of the time I totally forgot it was there, no chafing, no aches or pains. I think it will be a great fit for my long races, in case there isn't decent water, or the groups at the tables are too long. I have had one race where the water tasted like sulphur and another where the volunteers never had water ready, you had to wait while they poured. Now I will be good to go, no matter what!

I finished about an hour ago and I am feeling pretty good. No pains, just sore thighs, which will fade throughout the day (I hope, lol)

Scale victory today: I am down 21 pounds since mid August with about 13 pounds to go for my wedding day weight goal. I have been averaging about a pound a week, so thrilled!!

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