Monday, January 9, 2012

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Funny that I had that song come up today, because it was the first run where a dog came running at me. A golden lab, all bark and, thankfully no bite! People out there, we have a leash law, if your dog is not fenced in, he needs to be leashed!

Today was a 40 minute run, and since it was just over 40* I did it in the neighborhood. Nothing like knowing that people you know will see you, to keep the pace up. My arch is starting to bother me a bit. Hopefully temporary adjustment to the new shoes, we will see.

I am working on a motivational quilt, made up of all my past race shirts. I have 3 that won't fit in this one, I will save them for the next one. I have to sew one more row on this one, and then back it and trim it. So very cool looking, I can't wait to throw it over my shoulders after a long race!

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