Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Foot Pain, Fun Run, and Finally Back!


Sorry, had to keep up with the 'F' theme!

After my last run, I started feeling some pain in the back of my foot, possibly the area of the Achilles Tendon....not really sure. I am starting to think it was caused by my seriously cute, but not the most comfy, Coach tennis shoes. Tragic, really!

I rested for a week, iced it each night, and the pain went almost completely away! Hooray! Sunday was the Train Run in Asbury Park. We took the train from Johnny Mac's to Belmar and ran back the 4.5 miles. My friend Shannon invited me to run it with her and it was such a great time! The view was amazing the whole time and the people were so great! Johnny Mac's was awesome too, there was free pizza and beer for the runners, as well as water and an Omelette Bar that was free. YUM! Jon ate my pizza and I had a green pepper omelette...and a mimosa. Girl has to party sometimes!

Monday was a day off, very little pain and today, no pain at all. The day even started off Fabulous when a co-worker told me how amazing I look, and went on quite a bit. It was such a pick-me-up, I can't even tell you how it helped! The weather was perfect for a run, low 50s, little wind, so i ran to Windward Beach and back. 6.23 miles in 74.5 minutes. I was thrilled that with so much time off this month I am still maintaining a 12 minute mile, today and during the fun run.

My next race is the Brielle Day 5K, a very hilly run on the 10th. I am hoping to finish it in under 39 minutes, my best hilly 5K time is a little over 39 minutes.


  1. Thanks! I am glad to say no foot pain in quite awhile, but if you every want to throw samples my way I will gladly blog about them :)