Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Finally, after almost 2 weeks off, I ran again on Wednesday. It was a short run, 50 minutes, which I decided to turn into 60, since I missed so much time. I had a bad cold, a couple days with a migraine and some nausea, and then, just because it didn't suck bad enough, some sore muscles between my shoulder blades towards the end. UGH!

I finally returned to running on Wednesday and did a 5 mile run. It felt great to be back, and Mother Nature is still agreeing with me and providing nice weather. Well, nice enough to run in anyway!

Today is my long run, just under 2 hours, and I am going to do 9 miles at least. If I run out of time, I plan to finish the 9 anyway. I am hoping to finish all 9 miles though, with a little time left over.

Next week is my first race of 2012, JSRC's Train-Run. You take the train from Asbury Park to one of 4 stops, for a 1,2,4, or 6 mile run. I am hoping to do the 6 that day, but might do the 4 with a friend. So excited, what a fun way to kick off the year!

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