Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Bowl Saturday


Sorry, couldn't resist!!!

Today was my long run, 90 minutes this week. I was hoping for 7-7.5 miles and came in at 7.3 so WOOT! Today was a beautiful wintery 46*. So glad I got that gym membership for these cold days, lol. I ran to the beach, along the boardwalk (but not on it), down scenic Arnold Avenue, over the 88 bridge (so much easier than the Lovelandtown bridge was!) to River Ave. Then took Bridge Ave to Beaver Dam, past my house (cause I hadn't finished yet!) Once I got close to 7 miles I doubled back. Very scenic, lol.

No problems, didn't feel too long, which was great. It took about an hour after I got back before my legs got sore. Yay! I even walked the dogs and shopped for the Super Bowl Party.

I sold my first 4 tickets for BINGO, have 5 people sending money soon, plus 2 more tables that will be fully booked. That's about 3 tables out of 8 accounted for. Hopefully I fill all 8! I always panic rifht about now, and it always fills up, so i am just being silly!

The Ocean Star did a story on the Cancer Concern Center's involvement in the NJ Half, and mentioned me in 2 paragraphs, along with a mention of my event. Yay!

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