Monday, February 20, 2012

Working 9 to 5

well, 9 to 5 miles that is!

Friday morning I did my long run down Princeton Avenue and back. The run to the end was uneventful for the most part: nice weather, easy pace, no problems... until I realized that I mapped it wrong and would have to cross that sidestreet that leads to Walmart! Yikes! I turned back at the entrance to the mobile homes and fretted the whole way back about the distance! Two cars almost took me out on the way back, big shocker, lol, but my biggest worry was the 7 mile mark. How did I know I was there? My legs told me!
 I had never run more than 7.3 miles and my legs were mad! I started giving myself mini goals: just get to the house, only one more mile-ish to go. Just get to the school. Just get to the 9 mile mark. I was thrilled that I passed the 9 mile mark with time left on the clock. More thrilled each time I got to another side street with time left. I ended at my house just on time, and finished 9.3 miles.

I felt like Wonder Woman! I am woman, hear me roar.

 Took a shower, sat at the computer. Got up a bit later. I am woman, hear me whine! my legs *hurt*. And they hurt on Saturday. And they hurt on Sunday. When I sat. When I stood up. When I breathed, lol.

Today, Monday, I did my first short run of the week: 5 miles. I was not fully optomistic, seeing how sore I had been, but I finished 5 miles in 60 minutes, no problems. I ran along East Ave in Bay Head, a beautiful 50+ degree day in February, and feel like Wonder Woman again. And my legs only ache a little!

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