Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feeling Like Wonder Woman Again!

I started today's run (2 days overdue) feeling stiff and sluggish, hoping it wouldn't end up like Sunday's long run. I crossed the Lovelandtown Bridge, and my thighs were so stiff, I was sure it would end badly. Thanks to the skunk who chose the start of the bridge's decline to die, I hustled down the bridge to escape the smell, and by the time I reached the one mile mark I was 30 seconds ahead. Shocked!

I crossed Route 35 to East Ave, and was greeted by wind for the next 1-1/4 miles. Oh joy, I thought, there goes my 30 second lead! There were so many work vans along East Ave, the summer people must be getting their houses ready! I hit the halfway point ...  2 minutes ahead! OMG I couldn't believe it, I was running on air!

The whole run back was a breeze, amazing what the right frame of mind could do for a person! Antonella Barba's Jersey Girl came on (don't be a hater, it's catchy) and I just cruised on, no pains, no worries, and kept that 2 minute lead the whole way home! I finished my 5 mile run ay 47:44, more than 2 minutes faster than my best time! I finished the run listening to Sexy Back, which makes me giggle thanks SBC and an old guy on a motorcycle in Asbury.

I set out telling myself I would run the 5 miles, even if I went past the 60 minutes, and I finished ahead. I really am Wonder Woman <3

Guess I am the one who shouldn't be a hater!

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