Saturday, March 10, 2012

Halfway to Brielle Day 5K

Today was a very cold day for a run! I had planned to run the race and then finish my long run, but tomorrow's weather will be amazing, so I will do my long run then. Today's race ran through the Brielle neighborhoods, a very very hilly race! I met up with my friend Debbie, and her friend, whose name I can't remember, at the starting line.

I started off fast, but it was SO cold that I had to slow down a bit. I wasn't watching my timer because my hands were so cold at first, that I had to put the itouch in my pocket so I could pull my sleeves over my hands.

There were some very cute things spray painted throughout the course: you can do it, you are all most there (this was near the top of one of the hills, and no, I didn't spell it wrong, they did). My fave was around the last bend: "You are at the home strech". Another very cute typo, had me laughing like a loony bird, to tell the truth.

I finally checked my time at the 2 mile mark. I was sure the hills had killed me, and hoped I was on track to beat 39:30. I teared up when I saw I was at about 20:25 at the 2 mile mark. I was in shock!

Around a few more bends: traffic jam. Lots of cars waiting for us to run by. One nasty woman was making negative comments and gesturing, so I shouted "calm down" as I ran by, lol. Hopefully karma caught up with her later in the day!

Rounded the last bend and couldn't believe the clock was still in the 20s! I high tailed it and crossed the finish line at 31:35. And I cried. I was so crazy proud that I beat not only my best hilly 5k time by 8 minutes, but I also beat my best flat 5K time by 2:30!

I also gained on my friend Cheryl. She usually finishes way ahead of me, and she finished about 1:30 ahead of me!

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