Monday, March 5, 2012

Still healing

Saturday was my long run day, but of course life gets in the way! Due to mommy obligations, I missed two of my short runs last week, and when Saturday rolled around it was gray and rainy. Weather report said it would stop at noon, but not so. I had Girl Scout Skating that night and a sinus headache all day, so I decided to wait until Sunday. I finally got my run in ay 9:30 Sunday morning. I was scheduled to run 100 minutes. Thanks to seasonal allergies I was feeling thick and stupid, but I manged 7.5 miles of sluggish running in 95 minutes. It is just a bit over my average of 12 minutes, but i was not caring all that much. I was just glad I finished! I ran to the Mantoloking Bridge, over it, and then turned right around and ran back. The view was amazing

The bridge was hell!

Today I was very sore, so I delayed my short run until tomorrow and did Pilates with weights instead. 20 Days until the Ocean Drive 10 miler and 9 weeks until the NJ Half!

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