Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A trio of 5 milers

Sunday was supposed to be my long run, but that 5k full of hills really did a number on me and I felt stiff and sore in the calves and shins. It felt like I was running through mud! I stopped at 2.75 miles and turned back. I half walked/half ran home, not the greatest run, but the weather was nice, and I didn't quit entirely!

Monday's run was much better. I was still a little stiff, but my times were good and I stretched my calves and shins a little a few times. I hit the halfway mark with time to spare and turned back feeling much better. It was so warm out that I was wearing a sleeveless shirt, totally crazy nice weather. One cute old man actually mimed to me "are you cold?" which cracked me up. I told him no, running actually made me sweaty and he laughed. Made it back home in record time! I did stop to take a nature pic:

Today at work, when I knelt down to talk to one of the kids, a muscle in my inner thigh zinged. It kinda tweaked all day long and I considered walking the 5 miles. I started out slow and no pain, so I ran the whole 5.3 miles at a great pace. It still zings just a little when I put all my weight on it, which is weird, but not truly real pain, so I guess time will tell!!

12 days until the Ocean Drive 10 miler!

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