Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lake Como 5K

It was a beautiful sunny day at the Jersey, really, this time it was! Today's race started and finished at Bar Anticipation, an amazingly cool bar in Belmar/Lake Como. I met my friend Cheryl there, which was a huge help, because she runs way faster than me!

I have had a twinge-y calf muscle for a few days, and was worried that the race wouldn't go well. I kinda sorta whined to my hubby about it on the way there, lol. The gun went off and I started running, and realized it really wasn't bad. Not pain, just uncomfortable, if that makes sense. I gave him the thumbs up as I went by.

The course was amazing, we ran to the lake, and around, then we went halfway around again, before heading back to Bar A. The first mile was a speedy 9:30 for me, a personal best! I was so excited to be doing so well, due in part to trying to keep up with Cheryl (she beat me by 4 minutes!) and also my new GPS watch, which kept me moving faster. The second mile was about 10:40, still fast for me, and another record! Ahhh but when we turned the corner to repeat the one side of the lake the wind kicked up. Dang wind! Running into the wind wore me out, and the last half mile was slower. As I approached the time clock I was shocked to see it was 30:ish. I sped up in hopes of coming in under 31 minutes, but didn't quite make it.
I finished in 31:15, 20 seconds faster than my best time! woot!

My calf is still a little achey, so I am going to have to rest it for a few days. My first Half Marathon is May 6th!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rebel Race Pics

I LOVE these pics, so I must share! I am very proud of Shannon, and myself, for finishing this! They may have cut out some of the obstacles, but the ones that were there.... were very tough!
ooookkkk, I am still dry here. This was just after the military crawl under the barbed wire. The only serious injury ( a scraped up, road-rashy knee) came from this obstacle though, because there was no mud, just a little water and a lot of little stones. Ouch!
Top of the Cargo Net, right before we had to climb back down. I am only smiling because I beat Shannon to the top. Once I got there, I was a little freaked out by the height and the seemingly huge gap between the nets.
Coming out of the mud pit, the *only* actual mud pit in this whole race, and the highlight for us. This was just before the mud fight. Shannon has a better pic of this in her reel, you can actually see mud bouncing off of my back!
ahhhhhh, my dorky fire jump picture. I just couldn't think of anything cool at the moment. The HUGE wall was looming before me and I panicked!
And I survived the fire jump, no problem. Still smiling, of course, because I haven't yet gotten to the ENORMOUS wall.
This is on the flip side of the wall. The dumb a$$ photographer left to get a banana as we climbed the wall. Really? Now? He couldn't wait 5 minutes? This photo was taken by the finish line guy. Thanks finish line guy, you rock!
Woohooo we finished and we rock! Bringing sexy back, baby!
and we have the medals to prove it!

Nothing Like a New Toy...

First, a Rebel race pic:

On Sunday I ran a 5K, Stomp the Monster, in Marlboro. Great run, great friend to run with...oh, and a Nor'Easter brewing! It was a hilly, out and back course, and the back part...very windy and rainy! My 31 minute 5K quickly became a 33 minute 5K. All for a good cause, though, anything that benefits Cancer patients is worth it to me.

Monday was a day off, and Tuesday should have been 5 miles. Should have been. Insert sick day here :( Which brings us to today, Wednesday. Completely unmotivated. Completely. I was talking myself out of running all day. I have a sinus headache, my stomach still isn't feeling 100% blahblahblah. I also have 5 miles to run and a Half Marathon in 11 days. 11. Oh. My. Heck. UPS to the rescue with my brand new GPS watch. Hooray! Motivation! Gotta play with my new watch, after all! I charge it up, get dressed, and get ready to go. Of course, this is when the teenies start whining about whatever ails them, but I dealt with it and out the door I went.

Mile one, not so bad, about 10:30 and the wind is only mildly annoying. Mile two.....another story. Since I began running in the Fall I have lost almost 25 pounds. Great, right? The only problem is the clothing situation. Every week I am adding something to the "too big" pile. Again, great, right? WRONG! Note to self: do NOT wear too-big pants on race day. I spent the next 1.5 miles or so pulling my pants up and my shirt down. Every time I did this, my earbud cord would get caught on my sleeve and tug out of my ear. I was so annoyed that I went home! My 5 mile run became 2.7 miles and the pants will be joining the pile. Oh, and their twin will have to go as well, I guess. They were my favorite pants, very comfy, and the last time I wore them they fit so well!

Tomorrow I have 4 miles planned, but I will make it 6 to balance out today. And I will wear better fitting pants! lesson learned!

Oh, and the watch? Great fun so far! It is the Motoactv and it has lots of fun features that I have yet to utilize! I still need to upload my music for some of them. It does tell me my pace, and afterwards it gives you your mile splits which is so cool. It was my gift to myself for signing up for the Disney Marathon!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Rebel Race

What a great day! It started with my first 5K, at Blue Claws Stadium. Beautiful weather, started in front of the stadium and ended just before home plate. I started too fast, and my leg was sore from climbing a lighthouse the day before, so I slowed down the last mile and finished in 33 minutes. If I didn't have the Rebel race afterwards, I might have PRd!

The Rebel Race was amazing! Not too muddy because it has been very dry here, but the obstacles were challenging! We had to military crawl through some rocky water (again, not successful with the mud, lol) and I ripped the skin off one knee. Ouch! Lots of running, climbing over or through ropes, tire run, climbing over hay bale mountains, there were 2 walls with footholds on one side but none on the other so you had to drop down. Yikes! Scraped my other knee on one of those! Tubes to crawl through, a mudless mountain with a waterless slide, lol, again because it was so dry! Then...the net! The net wall was tough, an inverted V, so you had to climb back down. We thought it was scary at the time....
We also had to crawl through mud, finally! real mud! under some logs. We really worked the mud here, lol, and had a mud fight, much to the delight of the guys in charge of the obstacle, lol.

After that was some more running and the fire pit. It looks bigger when you are leaping over it....

Directly after the pit is the 8 foot 180* wall. NOW we know what scared is!!!

So proud of ourselves and our little dog tag medals! What a great time! next stop....Tough Mudder!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cross Training

Today, after my Team Meeting, Jon and I went to Barnegat Lighthouse for a picnic. We started by going up to the top of the lighthouse, 217 steps.....

seemed like a good idea at the time! 217 steps back down, and by the time we hit the bottom, boy oh boy were my quads MAD!

We decided to walk the jetty to the end, but decided about halfway there that we would turn back. Did I mention my quads? OUCH!
All in all, it was a beautiful day, but I will never try that again the day before I am running two races.
Oh, did I mention that? Tomorrow I am running a 5K at Blue Claws Stadium (the finish line is at home plate, how cool is that?) and then later in the afternoon I am doing the Rebel Race. It is *supposed* to be a mud run, but today's reports are that there is very little mud and the obstacles stink. Stay tuned....

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Celtic Tribute 5K

Today was the Celtic Tribute 5K, which benefits a scholarship fund in the name of Fallen Officers. It started with a touching speech honoring them.
The race started and off we went, down the boardwalk. The day was perfect for a race, and I hit mile one at 9:40ish. I was so thrilled, I actually whooped, lol, and kept running.
And then we turned the corner and started back. Into the wind. Over 1.5 miles into the wind. I hit 2 miles at 20:04, which was still amazing, but slower. By the time I got back to the start, which we had to pass and then loop back, I knew I could kiss a PR goodbye. My legs were *so* tired. At this point I was just hoping I would finish in under 36 minutes!
I could feel myself giving up, and that made me mad! I tried to pick up speed, and that got easier after I looped back and the wind was at my back! I finished at 32:24 which, before the Halfway to Brielle Day 5K, would have been my best time! I am thrilled that I ended that well!
I even ended up finishing 6th in my age group!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Back in the Saddle after the 10 Miler

Saturday I went back to Gold's for the first time in about 2 months, lol, to run. It was rainy, and it was my first post-race run so I wanted to stay dry! I did 5 miles in a little over 57 minutes, slowing a few times to stretch my shins.
My shins were sore yesterday, and I had some seriously bad low back pain, so I took an extra rest day and set out today for my second 5 mile run. It was an amazing 70* day, but I thought it would be chilly in Bay Head so I wore my long sleeve running shirt. BIG mistake. I stopped at mile one, stretched my shins, and tied the shirt around my waist. I spent the next 4 miles trying to pretend I wasn't uncomfy running in a sports bra with my shirt around my waist!

Of course, being uncomfy, I saw my neighbor from Pineneedle Road, SBC drove by and did a jaunty honk n wave, and I saw Mr Karaba and Mr Hulse from NFBS. UGH! All those eyes did help me pick up my step and I finished in exactly 57 minutes, my fastest time for that route! I was surprised, I took a week off almost, but very happy. Now I am itchy from the mild sunburn (In April, can ya dig it?!?) and chilling. I stopped to stretch my shins four times, and they are feeling pretty good now! Tomorrow, barring any rain, is 7 miles. If it rains, I might do 5 at the gym and then do some elliptical, unless the machines are mostly empty. I don't want to worry about being a tread hog! It is supposed to be nice, tho, so maybe I can work on my tan ;)

33 days until the Half, and $375 away from my fundraising goal! SO excited!