Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Back in the Saddle after the 10 Miler

Saturday I went back to Gold's for the first time in about 2 months, lol, to run. It was rainy, and it was my first post-race run so I wanted to stay dry! I did 5 miles in a little over 57 minutes, slowing a few times to stretch my shins.
My shins were sore yesterday, and I had some seriously bad low back pain, so I took an extra rest day and set out today for my second 5 mile run. It was an amazing 70* day, but I thought it would be chilly in Bay Head so I wore my long sleeve running shirt. BIG mistake. I stopped at mile one, stretched my shins, and tied the shirt around my waist. I spent the next 4 miles trying to pretend I wasn't uncomfy running in a sports bra with my shirt around my waist!

Of course, being uncomfy, I saw my neighbor from Pineneedle Road, SBC drove by and did a jaunty honk n wave, and I saw Mr Karaba and Mr Hulse from NFBS. UGH! All those eyes did help me pick up my step and I finished in exactly 57 minutes, my fastest time for that route! I was surprised, I took a week off almost, but very happy. Now I am itchy from the mild sunburn (In April, can ya dig it?!?) and chilling. I stopped to stretch my shins four times, and they are feeling pretty good now! Tomorrow, barring any rain, is 7 miles. If it rains, I might do 5 at the gym and then do some elliptical, unless the machines are mostly empty. I don't want to worry about being a tread hog! It is supposed to be nice, tho, so maybe I can work on my tan ;)

33 days until the Half, and $375 away from my fundraising goal! SO excited!

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