Saturday, April 7, 2012

Celtic Tribute 5K

Today was the Celtic Tribute 5K, which benefits a scholarship fund in the name of Fallen Officers. It started with a touching speech honoring them.
The race started and off we went, down the boardwalk. The day was perfect for a race, and I hit mile one at 9:40ish. I was so thrilled, I actually whooped, lol, and kept running.
And then we turned the corner and started back. Into the wind. Over 1.5 miles into the wind. I hit 2 miles at 20:04, which was still amazing, but slower. By the time I got back to the start, which we had to pass and then loop back, I knew I could kiss a PR goodbye. My legs were *so* tired. At this point I was just hoping I would finish in under 36 minutes!
I could feel myself giving up, and that made me mad! I tried to pick up speed, and that got easier after I looped back and the wind was at my back! I finished at 32:24 which, before the Halfway to Brielle Day 5K, would have been my best time! I am thrilled that I ended that well!
I even ended up finishing 6th in my age group!

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