Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lake Como 5K

It was a beautiful sunny day at the Jersey, really, this time it was! Today's race started and finished at Bar Anticipation, an amazingly cool bar in Belmar/Lake Como. I met my friend Cheryl there, which was a huge help, because she runs way faster than me!

I have had a twinge-y calf muscle for a few days, and was worried that the race wouldn't go well. I kinda sorta whined to my hubby about it on the way there, lol. The gun went off and I started running, and realized it really wasn't bad. Not pain, just uncomfortable, if that makes sense. I gave him the thumbs up as I went by.

The course was amazing, we ran to the lake, and around, then we went halfway around again, before heading back to Bar A. The first mile was a speedy 9:30 for me, a personal best! I was so excited to be doing so well, due in part to trying to keep up with Cheryl (she beat me by 4 minutes!) and also my new GPS watch, which kept me moving faster. The second mile was about 10:40, still fast for me, and another record! Ahhh but when we turned the corner to repeat the one side of the lake the wind kicked up. Dang wind! Running into the wind wore me out, and the last half mile was slower. As I approached the time clock I was shocked to see it was 30:ish. I sped up in hopes of coming in under 31 minutes, but didn't quite make it.
I finished in 31:15, 20 seconds faster than my best time! woot!

My calf is still a little achey, so I am going to have to rest it for a few days. My first Half Marathon is May 6th!

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