Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nothing Like a New Toy...

First, a Rebel race pic:

On Sunday I ran a 5K, Stomp the Monster, in Marlboro. Great run, great friend to run with...oh, and a Nor'Easter brewing! It was a hilly, out and back course, and the back part...very windy and rainy! My 31 minute 5K quickly became a 33 minute 5K. All for a good cause, though, anything that benefits Cancer patients is worth it to me.

Monday was a day off, and Tuesday should have been 5 miles. Should have been. Insert sick day here :( Which brings us to today, Wednesday. Completely unmotivated. Completely. I was talking myself out of running all day. I have a sinus headache, my stomach still isn't feeling 100% blahblahblah. I also have 5 miles to run and a Half Marathon in 11 days. 11. Oh. My. Heck. UPS to the rescue with my brand new GPS watch. Hooray! Motivation! Gotta play with my new watch, after all! I charge it up, get dressed, and get ready to go. Of course, this is when the teenies start whining about whatever ails them, but I dealt with it and out the door I went.

Mile one, not so bad, about 10:30 and the wind is only mildly annoying. Mile two.....another story. Since I began running in the Fall I have lost almost 25 pounds. Great, right? The only problem is the clothing situation. Every week I am adding something to the "too big" pile. Again, great, right? WRONG! Note to self: do NOT wear too-big pants on race day. I spent the next 1.5 miles or so pulling my pants up and my shirt down. Every time I did this, my earbud cord would get caught on my sleeve and tug out of my ear. I was so annoyed that I went home! My 5 mile run became 2.7 miles and the pants will be joining the pile. Oh, and their twin will have to go as well, I guess. They were my favorite pants, very comfy, and the last time I wore them they fit so well!

Tomorrow I have 4 miles planned, but I will make it 6 to balance out today. And I will wear better fitting pants! lesson learned!

Oh, and the watch? Great fun so far! It is the Motoactv and it has lots of fun features that I have yet to utilize! I still need to upload my music for some of them. It does tell me my pace, and afterwards it gives you your mile splits which is so cool. It was my gift to myself for signing up for the Disney Marathon!

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