Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rebel Race Pics

I LOVE these pics, so I must share! I am very proud of Shannon, and myself, for finishing this! They may have cut out some of the obstacles, but the ones that were there.... were very tough!
ooookkkk, I am still dry here. This was just after the military crawl under the barbed wire. The only serious injury ( a scraped up, road-rashy knee) came from this obstacle though, because there was no mud, just a little water and a lot of little stones. Ouch!
Top of the Cargo Net, right before we had to climb back down. I am only smiling because I beat Shannon to the top. Once I got there, I was a little freaked out by the height and the seemingly huge gap between the nets.
Coming out of the mud pit, the *only* actual mud pit in this whole race, and the highlight for us. This was just before the mud fight. Shannon has a better pic of this in her reel, you can actually see mud bouncing off of my back!
ahhhhhh, my dorky fire jump picture. I just couldn't think of anything cool at the moment. The HUGE wall was looming before me and I panicked!
And I survived the fire jump, no problem. Still smiling, of course, because I haven't yet gotten to the ENORMOUS wall.
This is on the flip side of the wall. The dumb a$$ photographer left to get a banana as we climbed the wall. Really? Now? He couldn't wait 5 minutes? This photo was taken by the finish line guy. Thanks finish line guy, you rock!
Woohooo we finished and we rock! Bringing sexy back, baby!
and we have the medals to prove it!

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