Monday, April 16, 2012

Rebel Race

What a great day! It started with my first 5K, at Blue Claws Stadium. Beautiful weather, started in front of the stadium and ended just before home plate. I started too fast, and my leg was sore from climbing a lighthouse the day before, so I slowed down the last mile and finished in 33 minutes. If I didn't have the Rebel race afterwards, I might have PRd!

The Rebel Race was amazing! Not too muddy because it has been very dry here, but the obstacles were challenging! We had to military crawl through some rocky water (again, not successful with the mud, lol) and I ripped the skin off one knee. Ouch! Lots of running, climbing over or through ropes, tire run, climbing over hay bale mountains, there were 2 walls with footholds on one side but none on the other so you had to drop down. Yikes! Scraped my other knee on one of those! Tubes to crawl through, a mudless mountain with a waterless slide, lol, again because it was so dry! Then...the net! The net wall was tough, an inverted V, so you had to climb back down. We thought it was scary at the time....
We also had to crawl through mud, finally! real mud! under some logs. We really worked the mud here, lol, and had a mud fight, much to the delight of the guys in charge of the obstacle, lol.

After that was some more running and the fire pit. It looks bigger when you are leaping over it....

Directly after the pit is the 8 foot 180* wall. NOW we know what scared is!!!

So proud of ourselves and our little dog tag medals! What a great time! next stop....Tough Mudder!

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