Sunday, June 24, 2012

Running on Vacation

My family and I are on an RV trip from New Jersey to Yellowstone, Wyoming. After a rough start, leaving 5 hours late, and not sleeping much the first couple days, we finally landed in South Dakota and got a full night's sleep! I went for a quick run yesterday morning before the kids woke up, and the view was amazing!

Unfortunately, we were over 3000 feet up and I live at sea level, so it was a rough 1.9 miles!
After breakfast we were off to Mount Rushmore.

There is a Presidential Trail that brings you all around the park, you get to see all different views of the monument, the Sculptor's Studio, an Indian Village, etc. I am not sure of the distance but there were 250 steps involved. Ouch!

My eating hasn't been fabulous, but I got in almost an hour of exercise yesterday. Next stop, Yellowstone!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day 5K

Today I ran a 5K in my hometown in memory of a friend who passed after a battle with melanoma. This is the second year they held the race in his honor, and the race itself has passed by my house every year we have lived here! I finally got a chance to run in it!
It was a beautoful day for a race, just a little bit too warm, but otherwise perfect!

The first 5 minutes were rough, my pace was great, but I forgot to use my inhaler and I had to slow down until the pressure in my chest went away. It was a nice flat course, and we passed by my house at the 2ish mile mark.

I started walking at about the 2.5 mile marker but my friend ran up and told me I had tpo run the rest and we crossed the finish together.
It was a great day, I got to see lots of friends I hadn't seen in awhile, and some of my fave race ladies were there.
Next race is the Firecracker 5 (miles) on July 4th. I hope to run between now and then so I finish better!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Virtual 10K Fundraiser

Thanks to the ladies at Bling Whores on Facebook, I have a new fundraiser! Barking Mad About Breast Cancer Virtual 10K! For a $20 entry fee, you run a 10K wherever you want during the month of August (or walk, or crawl, whatever moves you!) and you will get some awesome bling!

Gorgeous, right? Now boys, I know it is very very pink and girlie, but pink is the color of the Breast Cancer Ribbon, and I gave roses out at my first BINGO Fundraiser to all of the Survivors. Perfect, right?

With the $20 you send, I will send $15 to Susan G Komen, and $5 will cover the cost of the medal and defray the cost of shipping. Medals will be shipped out on August 17th. The official date of the "race" is August 16, one month before I run the Philadelphia Rock n Roll Half Maratho to benefit the Susan G Komen Marathon for the Cure.

So get out there! Run, walk, or crawl your 10K (that is *only* 6.2 miles) in August and then wear your bling with pride!

******email me for my mailing address, or you can paypal me. My email address, which you will need for either form of payment, is*******