Sunday, June 24, 2012

Running on Vacation

My family and I are on an RV trip from New Jersey to Yellowstone, Wyoming. After a rough start, leaving 5 hours late, and not sleeping much the first couple days, we finally landed in South Dakota and got a full night's sleep! I went for a quick run yesterday morning before the kids woke up, and the view was amazing!

Unfortunately, we were over 3000 feet up and I live at sea level, so it was a rough 1.9 miles!
After breakfast we were off to Mount Rushmore.

There is a Presidential Trail that brings you all around the park, you get to see all different views of the monument, the Sculptor's Studio, an Indian Village, etc. I am not sure of the distance but there were 250 steps involved. Ouch!

My eating hasn't been fabulous, but I got in almost an hour of exercise yesterday. Next stop, Yellowstone!


  1. found your blog on the lose a marathon fb list. This is one of the places we want to go in our camper. Looks amazing!!

  2. It was very cool, I am glad we did it! It is exhausting though, I wish we had more time to get there and back!