Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Firecracker Five

What a beautiful day for a race!

It was muggy and hot when we arrived and it just stopped storming. I got there just in time to get my cute tee and my number and line up.

The sun did come out briefly at the start, and I regretted leaving my sunglasses in the car. The race started, and the clouds moved in and soone it was raining. The rain felt amazing...until it stopped! Then everything got sticky and miserable again!
There were water tables every half mile, which was great. I drank dome and dumped the rest on my neck at every stop.
There were also hills. Lots of them. Everywhere. I was on track to finish in about 57-58 minutes, until the last hill. I had to walk part of it, and then I just couldn't get my groove back. I finally got back to running, when I caught up with a dad and his son. The dad was trying to push the son to finish in under an hour, so I told the boy that he had to stay ahead of me, he didn't want to be beaten by an old lady in a sparkly skirt. That spurred him on, and I slowed a bit to let him finish ahead of me.
Aren't they cute?
I finished on 1:00:20, a nice 12 minute pace (my gps said it was closer to 5.1 miles, making my pace 11:50) which is on track for my 2nd marathon training run. My calves ache and my head hurts, but overall I am mostly happy. And when I crossed the finish line, I got my "bling", which all the ladies were getting <3

Oh, and the cute sparkly skirt? That is a Sparkle Skirt from, and it was very comfy to run in. It is part of my costume for the Disney Marathon Weekend 5K and I was testing it. I have one in light green as well, for my Tinkerbell costume. The aqua is for Jasmine. Cute, huh?


  1. Love the sparkle skirt. I need to order some for Mickey and the Princess. I love running with a little sparkle.

  2. love the skirt :) I have a pink blingy one but I am considering the 'Minnie' pink with white polka dots next!!

  3. Thanks ladies! After looking at my gps, I found that I finished faster than I thought! 59:22