Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Losing a Marathon

I have mentioned before that I joined a challenge to lose a marathon... which is 26.2 pounds. They set a time frame of 13 weeks, but I have set my own time January 13, 2013, the day of my own marathon in Disney!
I saw a great idea at the facebook page, to use 2 mason jars (or Solo cups, lol, as you will see soon) as a visual aid. One holds the weight you want to lose, and one holds the weight you have already lost. Cool, right? And a really great company sells the decals to make these cups! They also have some cute running girl decals, among others. I got a great one for my car, pic to come as soon as the melting hot temps cool off so that I can apply it! You can check them out at

For now, I am using Crystal Light mix-ins lol, but I am going to change that as soon as I can find something I like better. I only just started this challenge, as you can see by the lonely mix-in that is in the 'pounds lost' cup. The decal company also sells 'Lose a Half Marathon" decals, in case you don't need to lose a whole marathon. Once I lose the whole marathon, I will be back to my WW goal weight, more or less. 10 pounds *less* then I weighed on my wedding day!

Any ideas as to what I should use to represent the pounds in my yellow Solo cups?

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