Friday, July 6, 2012

Marathon Training, Day 3

I hemmed and hawed, and stalled, and lazed, and decided to just git er done. I was afraid that attempting the gym would hinder my getting the run in, making it feel like too much work, so I decided to run outside. There was a nice breeze, how bad could it be?
It is 93 degrees out there, dry heat at least, but still crazy hot. I brought a bottle of water with me, and by the time I finished, the water was HOT.
I ran to the beach club, beautiful scenery: kids playing, umbrellas, sparkling water, kayakers, the breeze....wait! Where did the breeze go? UGH! Stretched my achey shin and moved on. I was run/walking at this point, super sweaty, super hot, water warming up, no breeze. Stopped for a few minutes to talk to my friend Cheryl, who agreed it was too hot to run, and tried to convince me to go to the beach.
On to Community Park, and let me tell you: As I passed the turn off for home, I almost took it, but the Park is sometimes breezy so I talked myself into continuing on. No breeze. Not too bad though, a little shady, not as hot.
On towards home after one lap at the park, making it 2.75 miles in 34:12, a 12:30ish pace. Not bad considering all of the walking I did, and day 3 is over! WOOT!
I have both Higdon's and Galloway's plan, and my plan is to attempt Higdon's and settle for Galloway's. Higdon's has one extra day of running per week, so we will see how each week goes!

Good news! I registered for the Hershey Half in October! SO excited, what better place to run than that? Disney may be the happiest place on earth, but Hershey is the yummiest!

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