Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Marathon Training Started Today!

Where did the time go? 190 days until I am Disney Bound for the marathon weekend! Holy Crap!

Today was the first run, 3.1 miles in a little under 33 minutes. Felt super fabulous to be running again, but I am a little achey now, 8 hours later. Tomorrow is the Firecracker Five in Wall, gonna be a hot one, and I may have to walk some of it, but I am excited to be racing again!
Two mud runs this month as well as some Virtual Races, and next month is the Runyon 5K in YANKEE STADIUM!!!! So psyched for that one!

I also plan to earn my Half Fanatic status this Spring with 3 Halfs in 90 days! I will be running Long Branch Half, Runapalooza, and the Allstate 13.1 in NYC.
Yeah, I am nuts! It's all good!

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