Monday, July 23, 2012

Pint for a Pint

On Monday, I had an appointment to donate blood outside our local Ice Cream store, Hoffman's. Donate a pint, get a pint of ice cream. Everybody wins, right? WOOT!
I arrive a little early, and there are a few people ahead of me, but since I have an appointment, I get to skip ahead. They are still a little behind, so I wait a few minutes, giving me ample time to think about how much i hate needles and the sight of blood, and needles, and blood, and blood. Did I mention the blood? :::shiver:::: But it is for a good cause and I am O+, which they just *love*.
So now it is my turn, and Manny (his tag says Manny, Person in Charge...I want a tag like that!!) calls me in.He asks where I went out of the country (Bahamas). Where in the Bahamas? (Nassau)
So far so good! 
 He checks my ID, and sticks a little wisp of minty paper in my mouth to check my temp. No lie, it tasted like those minty toothpicks, awesome! And it takes your temp? Magic! LOVING it so far!
Then he pulls out the little pokey thing and with a gleam in his eye, says "You know what comes next?"
With the little paper thingie still in my mouth, I make a jabbing motion, and he laughs and says "that's right. All you crazy people make appointments to come here and I get to poke you in the finger"
Oh yeah, Manny has a lovely almost Jamaican like accent. LOVING him so far! Picture the shrunken head on the Night Bus in Harry Potter, just not quite as thick of an accent. AWESOME.
So he is laughing and poking my finger, and taking my blood to test it. He sticks the tester in the machine and pulls the strip out of my mouth and I tell him "Manny, I think you like being the person in charge just a little too much".
This of course amuses him to no end, and he is laughing and laughing...and then the machine beeps.
"oh nooo" he says, "your iron, it is too low. It needs to be 38 but it is 37. I cannot take your blood".

I.was.devastated. I really wanted to give, and I joked and ,said can we try again? Can we lie on the form?
Manny says "noooo, you will pass out. And after that Person in Charge remark I was gonna march you in there and take your blood myself."
I offered to give back my coupon but he said I could keep it, for being cute and amusing him. He even shook my hand and thanked me for making his day. So cute!
I went in and picked out some ice cream for my kids:

Cool, huh? It is aclled Cookie Monster. I don't even know if it is vanilla, I just loved the color! I give the girl my coupon and she says:
"Oh, he gave you two, he must really have liked you! (I was telling her the story). You can get more!"
I felt bad enough about taking the first pint, so I told her to keep it. She was thrilled, lol. Everybody is happy.
Except me. I wanted to give blood so badly! Maybe next time!

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