Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Post Maniac Run

Ever have one of those days? All sorts of annoying little things happening to make up one big crappy day? That has been my day so far. Add to that, I am still sore from the Maniac. Not crazy sore, but just enough to be, well, annoying. I was so happy after I finished that race though, so I will try and hold onto that!

There is also a chance I may not be able to do MudManX because they assign you your time slots, and like a bonehead, I told my daughter I would take her to a play at 2 o'clock that day. UGH.

So of course, I don't want to run the scheduled 30-45 minutes for the day. It is sooooo hot and sticky, but I get dressed, grab my ipod, and head to Gold's. It is even sticky and hot at the treads! Yay. Oh, and my ipod isn't charged. Bonus. I am determined to run so I get the machine ready for a 45 minute run, and off I go. After 5 minutes I am sweating like a pig, and my shins are hurting. No worries, stop. Stretch. Back on the horse. Now my calves hurt. Really? UGH. Stop. Stretch. Back on the horse. After a while I realize my right foot is hitting wayyyy harder than my left, because I am overcompensating. By now I have about 18 minutes in, averaging a 13:30 mile. Cool down time, not worth possible injury.

Thursday night is Summer series Week 2, and I hope to beat last week's time. This won't happen if I hurt myself, and won't help my Marathon training. Week two? No worries.
On the weight loss front, my quest to lose 26.2 had stalled, so I am regrouping and starying fresh. I am not concerned with the time limit imposed by the challenge, I can continue long after that time has passed. Just want to get there!
Next big stop? Philadelphia Rock n Roll Half, my Susan G Komen Marathon for the Cure race, just 2 months away (from yesterday, actually!) so I will leave you with this:

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