Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Series, week 2

Today was week 2 of the JSRC Summer Series, 5 weeks of Thursday night 5Ks. Last week was rough, and this week wasn't much better! The weather was nicer, a little cooler and there was a nice breeze. I am still getting used to hills, though. My first mile was amazing, but each subsequent mile slowed down! I kept it up though, and beat my time from last week. By 2/100 of a second lol. I also was NOT the last runner. There were 4 people behind me. WOOT!
Hubby took a pic of me approaching the finish in my cute running skirt. I really need another one, this one is getting over-worn lol.

I turned in my time, and found out I was 4th out of 5 in my age group. One step up from last week's last place. My friend Cheryl came in 3rd this week. Her cute daughter ran the mile and knocked a whole minute off her time. SO CUTE!

I am hoping to see more time shaved off at week three!
I have just joined a bolg group called Picket Fence Blogs. Clicking on the icon to the right is a vote for my blog. Feel free to vote, if you like my blog today!
I will be posting updates on my quest to Lose a Marathon soon. I have moved another mix-in to the pounds lost cup, and will update when I have moved over 5 total!
I also joined an Olympic Challenge that involves running a different distance every day until you total a marathon, I believe over the course of one week. Once I get my scorecard emailed to me, I will post updates about that as well!

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