Thursday, July 26, 2012

Virtual Races

Have you ever heard of a Virtual Race? Up until June, I never had either! I stumbled on an amazing group of ladies and gents, Bling Whores, and they host all kinds of fun Virtual Races for charity. How does it work?
  • You go to the website or event page for their race.
  • You donate to their charity, often via paypal, but not exclusively
  • On or near the date they chose, you run their race, whether it is 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, etc
  • They mail you bling!! Some order it in advance, some order after therace, so it may take a few weeks.
  • DONE!
The best parts of a virtual race? You have helped an amazing cause
(Cancer research, diabetes, autism research, etc), you get to run the race on your time, instead of the time chosen by a race director, no driving to some far off location, and bling!bling!bling!

Another great place to find Virtual Races is this great facebook group, Virtual Runs! Check out the events tab at the top!
Some upcoming events to check out:
Mine is called Barking Mad About Breast Cancer 10K
This Fall I am also hosting  Barking Mad Turkey Trot 5 Miler
Run Find Your Happy Pace is a great facebook page for runners, and she will be co-hosting 2 races with seriously cute names very soon!
LADYBUG Love Run has multiple distances and includes bling for your pup! It also benefits a great charity for dog lovers!

There are so many more, I don't even know where to start! Check out some of those great groups and get *your* bling!
This is the Barking Mad About Breast Cancer bling, just one example. Check out the Bling Whores and Virtual Runs pages for lots more events, most with pictures of the bling!

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  1. are you doing any Virtual runs in 2013?

    1. If you look to the right of my blog there is a link for Barking Mad Fundraisers, the info is there :)

  2. are you doing any Virtual runs in 2013?

    1. Yes, I have one in February, a Half Marathon that you can do all at once or a little at a time, to benefit Susan G Komen

  3. I'd like to sign up for the Barking Mad about Breast Cancer 10k, but I don't have a Facebook account. Is there any other way I can register? Thanks :-)

    1. This one was last summer, right now I am running a 5K with half marathon option. If you look in the right column of my blog, there is a fundraisers page with the info. You do not need facebook to register :)