Monday, July 9, 2012

Week 2 of training, and a product test!

Today is the start of week 2 of Marathon training. It is a rest day for both Higdon and Galloway, and I planned on doing Pilates, but I just felt like running! Neither kid wanted to give up the TV so I could do Pilates, anyway, so I decided to make use of the day and test out my new Active Bands. They are cute sparkly headbands, elastic, that are reputed to be the world's best. Since I never have any luck, I decided to try them out when they had a 50% sale. I got sparkly green and sparkly gold, although they have non-sparkly ones as well!
I took a before-pic of Morgan and I, with my Active Band firmly in place.

Off we went...Morgan was willing to give up the TV to ride her bike alongside me, lol.....towards Bay Head. The breeze was just enough to make the run bearable, and it didn't even suck too bad going over the bridge (it was actually very cool at the top). We stopped at the halfway point to take a second picture, to see if the band was staying in place. I was sweating alot at this point, and was surprised to see that it was still in place!

Hardly slid back at all! The run back was just as easy as the run in, a little sweatier though, and when we approached the house, I decided to cut it off at 3.75 miles instead of rounding the block again to make it 4.

UGH I look cross eyed, lol, but there is the band, slid back a bit, but still there! I will test them a few more times, and see if the immense amount of sweat contributed to the slippage. THRILLED that it was still there, as I was sure it would slide right off!

For those who are still reading, I want to take a minute to mention my Virtual Race again. During the month of August, you can walk, run, or bike a 10K (6.2 miles) and for a $20 donation ($15 goes to Komen and $5 defrays cost of medal and shipping) you get this awesome bling!

I have already signed up 41 racers and raised $640, and would LOVE to raise more! This $640, added to my other fundraising over the last 3 years, totals over $10,000 to Cancer Research! Holy Heck! For details, give me a shout at

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  1. Looking forward to your review of active bands. I wanna try some different ones! So far, I only like Bondi bands!