Sunday, July 22, 2012

Week 3 of Training...check!

I just finished week 3 of training for the Disney Marathon! So far, traning has been very easy, all 3 milers, but next week it moves up to 5 miles as my long run. I have run that distance many times, so I am not worried! I am training to finish, not to finish well, so I am right on track. Today I added in some walking, to make it as real as possible, and my time for the 3 miles was 35:20 with an average of  11:46 per mile. I remember when i was running my fastest and was thrilled with a 13 minute mile. Ahhhhh those were the days!
I was able to mark on X on the last day of week 3 today, with no missed runs. Woot!

This week coming up i have Summer Series, week 3, and MudManX: 5 miles of mud, water, and obstacles. SO excited about that! I have also ordered the pics from Rugged Maniac. They are *not* pretty, but I will share them when they arrive! I only ordered 2, it was too expensive to order more, but I will scan and post when I have them!
I still have 3 mix-ins in my Pounds Lost cup, woohoo, and will hopefully be posting my 5 pound update soon!
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