Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yoga on the Beach

Today was a beautiful morning for yoga on the beach! The rains brought in a nice cool breeze and the temps are perfect! Waves crashing, birds singing, breeze blowing. Very chill and perfect!

I even rode my bicycle there and back, a total of 2 miles, and the neighborhood was very quiet and calm, almost unheard of in this part of Jersey, so close to the shore! I loved the class today, as always, loved the flow and the stretching, which I never seem to get enough of!
Today is Jazz Fest here in town, so we will also be biking there, and checking it out. This is the first year, so we are curious. Plus, it's Jazz! We love Jazz music, although we rarely get a chance to hear it live, which is truly the best way to hear it!
The scale is moving back in the right direction! I had to remove a mix-in yesterday from the pounds lost, but today i got to put 2 into it! Woot! 3 pounds down, 24.2 to go, lol.
Happy Saturday to all, what will you be doing today?

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