Friday, August 31, 2012

Belmar Boardwalk Long Run and the NY Giants

Wellll, let's start with the NY Giants and keep this in order!
Wednesday was the final pre season game of the summer, and I was all set to watch it at home, like always. Then I got the text! My friend Pam knew someone at work who had tickets and was trying to sell them. Because of plans I already had to take my daughter into NYC I had no money for Giants tickets. Bummer! Pam texted me again, and said I might be able to get them for FREE. Holy heck! I tried not to get excited, and went about my day, and got a text a few hours later telling me to come pick up the tix and a parking pass. WOW! I went to her office, thanked her coworker profusely, and offered to send money the follwing week. She declined, and said to just have fun. Double WOW. And the seats? 8 rows in from the field, on the End Zone. O.M.G.
I picked up hubby on the way to the game and off we went. The parking pass got us right up close, and the seats were just amazing!
I could go on for hours and post 20 more pictures, lol, but I will move on to running now!

Last night was my long run and I joined my running club again on Belmar Boardwalk. I had 5 miles scheduled but my running partner wanted to do 8, so I decided to go for it! The Half is in 2.5 weeks so I want to be ready!
We headed South, into the wind for 4 miles. The gazebo we stopped at last time was at mile 3.78 so we ran to the end, which was about 4.07 and turned back. We were amazed at how much easier it was going this week, and how less tired we felt at the halfway point. Once we turned around the breeze was *gone* and we sweated the whole way back. It was dripping into my eyes and running down my back. YUCK! I didn't start getting tired until the last mile but I pushed on, to finish 8.13 miles in 1:33:29 and got to this view:

Same time of day as last week, but less sun. Summer really is ending!
I also finished my Mommy, Run Fast Labor Day Weekend 5 mile run *and* brought me closer to the end of Week 9!! The Color Run NJ is on Saturday and that closes out my week. I can't believe how fast time is going!
Well, I must be off to take the girls to NYC. You would think that taking two 15 year old girls in would make a person crazy, but I love going, and we are visiting Madame Tussaud's which should be fun!
One last pic to end the blog:


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

the Dreadmill

You all know what it is....the Dreadmill! Some love it, I know, and prefer it to running outdoors, but I am one of those who *needs* to run outdoors. I need the scenery to change, to be interesting, to be different. I will run different routes each run, although I do have a few out-and-back favorites. I do like people watching, and the Dreads at Gold's Gym are upstairs, overlooking the weight machines. It dies tend to be the same ole view though, so I avoid it at all costs!
I woke up, wanting to walk the dogs with hubby and then go right out and run 4 miles. I was excited for it, until hubby called out that it was raining. I checked the forecast and it was rain all morning. I was afraid I would not run if I didn't go in the morning, so I dropped Morgan at her babysitting job and went right to the gym.
I decided to make the most of it, and try running a little faster for short bursts. I started off at 5.0 and about 4 minutes in I realized that I left my water bottle in the car. UGH...sweaty mess, here I come! After I ran a little over a half mile, I walked a bit and then ran the last quarter mile at 6.0 which was easier than I thought. I repeated this for mile 2 and then during mile 3 I walked a little longer than planned, so I ran 6.0 for the last 4/10 of  a mile. My 3 mile run was over in 33:50ish, which was just over an 11 minute mile. Hooray! That 6.0 was way easier than it used to be, so I am going to start making a point of doing that on all of my runs!
I cleaned the machine, and then went to the stretching area, stretched my calfs extra, stretched everything else, and then prepped to do my 6th plankaday. The darn mat kept shifting, and constantly trying to shift my body back into good form really burned, but I managed a 1:06.8 plank. Not my PR, but more than a minute so WOOT! I cannot wait to hit 90 seconds!
I also wanted to keep up with my BurpeeBOOM Challenge, so I did 60 burpees today while waching TV. I have 250 on the schedule this week, and I want to beat that number early, so I can email my final calendar in to RoadRunnerGirl. I am amazed at how much easier they are getting!
Pat on the back for the day:While running I suddenly realized how *thin* I felt. Weird, right? But I noticed that my belly wasn't flopping around. At all. WOW! Hubby commented on that the other day, but it really hit me today. The weight loss is slow, but the firming up is definitely still going on!
19 days til Philly!
OOOHHHHH I almost forgot to add.....I have been doing alot of Virtual Races. It is a great way to stay motivated, help charities fundraise, and get bling! One of my faves so far is the Great Cupcake Race. The bling actually has a cupcake on it! As an extra bonus, there wa a drawing and I won a decal for my car: Will Run for Cupcakes! I will post a pic when it arrives!
Great day!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Week 9 Begins!

Today begins week 9 of the Galloway Training Plan for the Disney Marathon. I am following his plan to finish upright, lol.
Today is an off day so I did Ellen Barrett's Skinny Sculpt. It is my favorite at home workout, it uses light weights and yoga moves/pilates moves. I also did my 5th PlankADay today, with my best time of 1:18:2. That's one minute, lol, not one hour! I am already seeing a difference in my core and I am loving it! I finished my BurpeeBoomChallenge week already, but I am going to try and get in 50 more today anyway, for a total of 250 this week! LOVE these challenges, they really keep me going!
I also joined a challange at Sara-Use it 2 Lose it, here, where she posts a monthly challenge. You get to pick your level: mileage and strength training. I chose E3, which is 50-90 miles and 40 minutes of strength per week for the month of August. I currently have 47.5 miles and 195 minutes of strength! Woohoo I beat my strength goal and I am 4.5 miles away from exceeding my mileage goal!
This week's plan is 4 miles tomorrow, 5 on Thursday night with JSRC, and 3.1 on Saturday at the Color Run NJ with team Run Like a Motha, my son Jonny, and my friend Shannon, who I dearly miss running with and am so glad she will be coming with me!
Some parting words of wisdom:

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Color Run NYC

The excitement started yesterday when I prepped our shirts for the Color Run. Team Pride was ready to rock!
We woke up entirely too early in the morning to drive into Brooklyn. That's right, Color Run "NYC" was in Brooklyn, lol. It took about 90 minutes to get there, but we didn't hit traffic until the last 3 miles, so it was pretty painless. Well, other than the ridiculously early time, lol. My son and daughter were supposed to come too, but my son bailed at the last minute, the little stinker. Morgan and I got our bibs and sweatbands and got in line to run.

The run started and we were off! Every km they have a color station and volunteers shoot dyed corn starch at you with oversized ketchup bottles! It was CRAZY fun! It was very muggy and we started walking between stations. They also give you your own color packet, we eneded up with 3 purple and we threw it at each other just before the finish line!

It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait for Color Run NJ! Here is the back of our shirts after the Color Run:

After we removed the tape that spelled out our team name:

Unfortunately, most of the dye washed out and you can't see the team name anymore! I ordered medals for my kids' first 5K's, so Morgan got one and I kept Jonny's lol.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Long Run, Burpees, and Plankaday

Today is my long run day, since I am doing the Color Run in Brooklyn on Saturday. Instead of doing it alone, I decided to finally attend one of my Running Club's evening runs. This left my day open to do...well...nothing. I am in my last 2 weeks of vacation before school starts, and I go back to work. I did do my burpees for the Burpee BOOM Challenge at Road Runner Girl and decided to finally give in and start doing Plankaday. This challenge involves tweeting, which I do not do, so I have been holding off. I finally decided to just do it, and did my first plank. It lasted one minute and the last 10 seconds were sheer torture! My abs actaully hurt a little! Yikes!
The time finally came for me to go to the group run. I admit, I was a little nervous! I walked up and saw all the fasties from the Summer Series, and got even more nervous. And then  my savior, Eileen, who was leaning against the wall, latched onto me and asked me if I was fast. When I told her my average she was so happy. She said she averaged 11 but would stay with me. Hooray!
My schedule called for 9, but after the group pic, they started so fast that I never had time to turn on my gps. I started the timer, though, so I know it took us 88 minutes. I mapped our run and it looks like about 7.5 miles. It was very hot, with an occasional breeze, and the view was amazing. We ran along the boardwalk so we always had a view of the ocean, which was nice. Our average mile was about 11:46 and my blister gave me minimal pain.
This was our view as we returned to the start:
Great way to end a run, right?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Week 8 begins......

I started week 8 of marathon training today with a 4 mile run. It was 68* out when I left the house, nice breeze, and I had 3 miles on the schedule for the day. I decided to take advantage of the day and run 4 instead. The route I chose took me over the bridge near my house, down a nice straight road into the next town (Point Beach for all the locals) and onto their main street.

 Halfway down this road, a rude woman in a fancy SUV decided that pulling out of a parking lot was far more important than my life. Luckily, she looked right at me before she did it, and I could just tell she was going to pull out so I slowed down. Lucky me, or I would have been waffled. I am almost ashamed to say I muttered a swear in her general direction, something similar to witch. Not my finest moment, I admit, although the 2 guys in the juice delivery van at the 7-11 were amused. If she hadn't looked right at me, I would have been less angry, it just felt so deliberate. It was deliberate, lol. Anyway...I continued on my way towards Arnold Avenue, and come across a woman standing in the middle of the sidewalk texting. I say 'excuse me' giving her plenty of time to step to the side. She didn't. I ended up hopping onto the grass along the sidewalk. Still embarrassed at my previous reaction, I just said 'thank you' in my sweetest possible voice and carried on, lol.

I make it to Arnold Avenue, hating on the cobblestone sidewalks that tilt horribly. I never noticed before, but it is like running on a race track. For cars, not people!  I turn the corner, checking my watch and seeing that Green Planet's front door is exactly 2 miles from my front door. Lil bit of trivia there, for ya, lol. Not a coffee drinker, but a huge fan of their carrot cake. Alas, I kept on going.

Down Arnold I go, passing all of the stores, restaurants, loving the old houses, wishing I had one and yet glad all at the same time that I do not. Have you ever seen the closets in those old Victorians? Not for the faint of heart, I assure you! Around the bend, and I see an old man on a wobbly bicycle. I automatically hop to the grass, but he stops, and waves me past with a flourish. SO sweet, and now I no longer hate humanity for messing with my run! I thank him and he smiles (did I mention? SO sweet) and continue on my way.

Around another corner, passing the church and the Dunkin, crossing the highway and turning towards the 88 Bridge. The breeze is amazing and I hit the top just past mile 3. So glad that I decided to extend my run! Right about now my first blister in over a year starts to ache. I got it during my Barking Mad run, which irks me, because I am not sure why I got it! (I suspect my lasy mud run had something to do with it, I broke the nail on that toe way too short and it has been sore ever since) I had on a blister BandAid though, so not too bad!

I pass the town library at mile 3.45, past another runner who has stopped to walk, past the Fire Department, and turning towards Community Park. Sweating but not super sweaty, which I am loving, and I hit mile 4 just as I pass the clock at Community Park. I averaged a nice 12 minute mile, and walked the last .3 miles to my house as a cool down!

My final report on Barking Mad About Cancer 10K is due as well! The registration offically closed yesterday when the 100th medal was accounted for! I cannot believe I had 100 racers! I am so excited about this! The racers represented 29 States plus Canada, and I raised $1490 for Susan G Komen through this event!

My next virtual race, Barking Mad Turkey Trot 5 Mile Virtual Run, is up at Facebook. Check it out! The medal is very cool, I chose a square medal this time:

This race will benefit the Cancer Concern Center, a local organization that I became aware of this past Spring when I was running the Long Branch Half. I joined their team and fundraised for them, and they are just so dear to me that I am fundraising for them again this Fall! Hoping they will have a team again for the 2013 Long Branch Half to continue the tradition! Here are some of the team members and I at the Half on May 6th:

If you happen to knit or crochet, I also head up a local Head Huggers group, Jersey Shore Head Huggers. I collect handmade Cancer Caps and distribute them to local hospitals and organizations. I have sent out two boxes of caps so far, and the next box will be going to the Cancer Concern Center to replenish what we donated to them in the Spring.
WHEW! That was alot, sorry! Hopefully my next blog will be short and sweet!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A year ago today....

This very date last year I began running for the first time. I had been in training to walk the 3 Day and my team mate, who I thought was my best friend, decided we were not friends anymore. It was one month away from our walk in DC. She went. I stayed home. I just couldn't imagine going with her, sleeping in the same tent, when she had decided to hate me. I am still not sure what brought it on. I know she was unhappy. Our training walks were filled with her complaints and nasty comments about her other 'friends', and I tried to change the subject as often as I could. She would later tell me that this was selfish and bragging. I weighed 181 pounds on this day. All that walking and I weighed that much! I never realized how unhappy this person made me until she was no longer around!

I felt so free once she was gone. No longer stressed, unhappy, angry. I started doing the Couch to 5K Plan, so that I could run the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure that October. My average mile on August 19, 2011 was 16:03. I finished the race that October in 37:31. Since that day last year, I have managed to knock my best 5K time down to 31:10, I completed a 10  mile race, a Half Marathon, 3 mud runs, and countless 5K and 5 milers. I am unstressed, happy, and no longer angry all the time. I go to plays with friends, race with friends, party with friends. Since January I have raised over $3000 for Komen, Damon Runyon Cancer Foundation, and Cancer Concern Center combined. My goal is to raise over $5000 by December 31.

Today I completed Week 7 of my Marathon training. Today was 4 miles, I averaged about 12 minutes per mile, a little slower than my usual 11-11:30 but still a time I am happy with! I have 10 burpees to do today to hit my week-long goal of 150 for the Burpee BOOM Challenge run by RoadRunnerGirl. Today I weigh 164.2 which is almost 2 pounds below my Spark People goal of 166. My goal is to lose a marathon of pounds by the day of my marathon, January 13.

I look back on the last year, and I am proud of what I have accomplished, for my self and for others. I am showing my kids how fun it is to be healthy. They are doing 5Ks with me this coming weekend and the next weekend, and they both want to try Mud Runs next year. My daughter will do the 5K in Disney with me in January. I think I have come a long way in the last year, and definitely a better way. I am almost embarrassed at the person I was last year, and look forward to becoming a better person in the next year to come. I cannot wait until next August 19, 2013 when I look back again!

Friday, August 17, 2012

JSRC Summer Series, week 5

My running club hosts a Summer Series every summer. Every Thursday night for 4 weeks, you go to the Wall Municipal Complex and run a 5k. Each week you get points based on how you finish overall and for your age group. I got 2nd and 3rd at 2 of the races, although our age group was small.

On the 5th week, they do a staggered run, with slower runners leaving earlier and faster runners leaving later, so that everyone finishes almost at once. Basically a steady stream of runners crossing the finish line. VERY cool. No winners this week, no losers.

I was *thrilled* that people left ahead of me, lol. I often finished close to last, these people are *fast*.
I had already run my 10k in the morning so I was not optimistic about my time. I totally managed to keep up, though, and finished in 35:05, right in the middle of my best and worst times on this course. Oh, and the course? All hills. Every week, this coure kicks my butt. Hard. I can't wait to go back!

After the race, they had free pizza (which hubby ate, he just dreads coming to these races, lol) and soda, and they give away the awards for the whole series.
I got 2nd place for my age group. Slow and steady really does win the race, if you go every week! I had a choice between sunglasses and a bucket hat. I already have club sunglasses, so.....

It matches my skirt, lol

My friend's 5 year old got most dedicated runner for being the only kid who came every week and they gave her a certificate and a pair of sunglasses. SO cute!
My friend, however, kicked butt! She got 3rd place female over all, and 1st place for our age group! Woohoo! She got a mug and sunglasses! Overall a great night for us both!
At the end of the ceremony, they took  a group picture. Hubby took this one, which cuts some people out, but I am in there!

Such a great night, and to top it off, we stopped at the local FroYo place that just opened yesterday. I ran into a friend I rarely see, who told me how awesome I looked, saying I was melting away. LOVE it! And the FroYo was great, too! Total success!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Barking Mad About Cancer Virtual 10K

Today was the day!!! One month until Rock n Roll Philly, abd the official run date for my virtual race! My good friends Grace and Nancy came over and we ran our 10k. Grace had never run more than a 5K, and she totally rocked it out! She ran the whole 10K, truly awesome!
We ran from my house to Bay Head, one town away, and back, and had to add a few trips around my neighborhood to hit the 6.2 miles. We did stop at mile 2.75 for some photo ops:

Great view, but it was so sunny that you can hardly see our faces. LOVING how skinny I look though, so you all I have to see it! My friend Grace is on the right, Nancy in the middle. Aren't we awesome? We tried again:

Better shot of the beauties, not so much on the view, lol.

We got back to the house in 1:24:31 and were so happy with our morning. Lots of fun talking, running, listening to our tunes, and all for a good cause!
 And we got bling!

Some stats, although they are changing every day! As of today, I have raised $1410 with this fundraiser, which has 91 runners from 28 states and 2 from Canada! There are still some medals left, and you can run any time in August, the cost is $20 and $15 of that goes to Komen, while the $5 pays for the medal and most of the shipping costs. Stock photo of the medal:

Thanks to all who ran 10K for Komen!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Week 7 of training!

Today began week 7 of training and since I missed one run last week, I doubled up. I ran a 10K this morning, a very sweaty 10K, and ended up with my legs being a little sore, leftover from Yankee Stadium to be sure!
SO excited to be chugging alone so nicely, no bumps so far! Woot!
I also did 30 burpees today, to start off week 2 of the Burpee BOOM Challenge by roadrunnergirl. Burpees are hard! After doing them, my lower back always hurts just a little. I am hoping that continuing to do them will strengthen my back a little! walking the dogs afterwards definitely helped work the kinks out of my back.
I read about a new way to journal in WW magazine. I no longer count points, but the magazine always has such great stuff in it, and I got a free year from micowave popcorn, so I continue to read it. Anyway... I struggle with journaling, and this is a great way to journal. I LOVE to draw, and having it all out in front of you is SO helpful, so this is my new food journal:

Fun, right? Having to put it down on there, and not just writing, but actually drawing it in, was a great motivator. Not only to eat well, but to exercise! Try it!

Awhile back, I won a contest at a facebook page, Run Find Your Happy Pace. I won $25 to spend at my new fave store, Active Bands. These headbands *stay put* and I love them so much! I spent $9 of my own money and I got Morgan a sparkly blue one, and I got 2 thicker bands in pink camo and giraffe print:

Check them out at Active bands, you won't be sorry! Like their page on facebook as well, they have sales almost once a month, a great way to stock up! I wore the giraffe print today, 6.2 miles and it did not move at all!
Thursday is Barking Mad About Cancer's first ever virtual race! Many have already completed it. and received their medal. My friends and I will be doing it on Thursday morning, 10K, and I will post pics later that day! It is not too late to sign up! I have 10 medals left, and will gladly order more. So far, I have 90 racers and have raised over $1300! $20 will get you a medal, and $15 of that will go to Susan G Komen. win win!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Damon Runyon 5K at Yankee Stadium

This was no ordinary 5K! My husband and I drove to the Bronx this morning, to the new Yankee Stadium. It was a pretty easy drive, and we got there with no hiccups! I got my number and got in line for my heat.

My hubby went back upstairs to wait for me to finish. The view for him? Not so bad!

My heat started, and we did 2 laps around the concourse, and then down some ramps to the basement. These ramps had very sharp turns! One lap around the basement and onto the field we went! During my second lap, hubby took a great picture!

They had all kinds of opportunities for pics here, including catching a ball against the mat, but I just kept on running. I did pose for the photographers, looking forward to seeing those shots! 2 laps around the field and out we went.
Or should I say up we went? O.M.G. Easily 100 steps at this point, to get to the second highest concourse. Around that, and up 2 more flights to go around. Again. Now the easy part. Down the ramps and around and around. OMG the finish line sign....but not done yet. Off to the right, and up MORE STAIRS to get back to the almost top and do it again! 2 laps around, countless stairs and down to the finish line! I read that there were over 260 steps!
DONE! I collected my medal

and went back up to the sky box to find my hubby. Some of the ladies from his office also did the race, and we met up for one final photo op, before heading home!

Next stop? The Color Run times 2, and my Barking Mad Virtual 10K!

Friday, August 10, 2012


What a rough week! I was sick for a few days, and missed a run that I hope to make up today!
I did however, manage to finish the Pacific Northwest Half Marathon! When the bling arrives I will post a pic, but for now, I have this:

I am also making progress on my Run With Jess Virtual Games! All I need to do is the 6.2 mile run and I am good to go! Woot!
SO last night was week 4 of the Summer Series 5K. I had not run in days, and all I did yesterday was 30 burpees, so I thought I was set up to beat my time. And then I forgot my ipod! I NEED that ipod! Everyone zips off, and it always just me out there, and I need my music to keep me going! Worst time ever of 36:08 BUT I was 2nd in my age group (out of 2, but shhhhh! don't tell) and 2 people finished after me: a 77 year old race walker, lol, and an actual female runner! Can you stand it?!?!?! Next week is the final run, with awards and pizza. Each week we get points, and next week, the prizes are given out! Since my friend and I are the only 2 in our age group to make it every week, we have a good chance of winning a prize. Wouldn't that be a kick in the pants!
Today is a rest day, but I plan to make up that missed run, which has to be a 6.2 miler to complete the Virtual Games. I also need to do some burpees for my Burpee BOOM Challenge. I have 60 done for the week and I need to hit 100.
All in all, not a terrible week! I have a cute pic from the summer series I will post when I get it. Happy Friday all!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Serene Saturday

I actually slept in today! I slept until 7:45, how sad that I consider that a late morning! I rolled out of bed, checked  my email super quick, and rode off to yoga. Our Beach Club offers it free on the beach every Saturday morning, so I ride my bike the one mile to the beach, enjoy my peaceful hour of free yoga, and ride back. This is our view as we practice:

We did a bunch of planks, but I forgot to get a pic for my Running for Dummies Challenge, so I will have to do more later and get a pic!
I will be doing a run later, week 5, day 3 of my Marathon training, which will also count towards some of my virtual challenges, but I am going to wait until the sun goes down a bit. It is 91* and humid right now. Ugh!
Have a happy Saturday!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Running for Dummies, Virtual Scavenger Hunt, and more!

Because I do not have anough virtual stuff going on, I have entered another one! This is a fun running and plank challenge with some extras thrown in. I LOVE things that keep me going!
Check it out here!

I had to use my time from a 5K and include a picture. I used this pic with my GPS watch showing the time!

I also ran leg #2 of the Pacific Northwest Half Marathon. 7+ miles down, just less than 6 to go!

I also joined another Virtual Challenge to do Burpees during the month of August. I am hoping that these will all keep me moving and doing more than just run!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Run With Jess' Virtual Games...and more!

Have I mentioned befiore that I LOVE Virtual Races? This one is a little different.
  • First, it was FREE!
  • There is no bling
  • but you can win prizes
  • It has an Olympic Theme
  • By the end of 10 days, you run a marathon!

It was so exciting to take my training schedule out and add in all the short races, and the long ones! Jess even provided a score card:

I will post updated pics, hopefully not sideways, as I run! Check out the event: Virtual Olympics

I also started my other Virtual Race, this one *with* bling, the Pacific Northwest Virtual Run: click here
This one is a Half Marathon, but sicne my training does not call for that distance yet, I am splitting into a few runs. We even got a bib:

Pretty, right? I did 4.1 miles already, and will do another 3.1 tonight at the Summer Series. Here is a pic of me before the 4 mile run, though:

I will wear the same outfit tonight, sans bib to prevent confusion at the race, lol, and if hubby gets a good pic, I will share tomorrow! Then I will only have 6 miles to go!

In other news, my own virtual race is approaching, and I have raised almost $1000 so far! I have 62 racers from 23 states, and Canada, and I am so excited that it is raising so much money for Susan G Komen! The bling is pretty too!

Time to go to work, if you like my blog, please remember to vote at the top right of my blog. You can vote once a day! I will leave you with a pic of Mile 9 of the Rock n Roll Philly Half: