Friday, August 31, 2012

Belmar Boardwalk Long Run and the NY Giants

Wellll, let's start with the NY Giants and keep this in order!
Wednesday was the final pre season game of the summer, and I was all set to watch it at home, like always. Then I got the text! My friend Pam knew someone at work who had tickets and was trying to sell them. Because of plans I already had to take my daughter into NYC I had no money for Giants tickets. Bummer! Pam texted me again, and said I might be able to get them for FREE. Holy heck! I tried not to get excited, and went about my day, and got a text a few hours later telling me to come pick up the tix and a parking pass. WOW! I went to her office, thanked her coworker profusely, and offered to send money the follwing week. She declined, and said to just have fun. Double WOW. And the seats? 8 rows in from the field, on the End Zone. O.M.G.
I picked up hubby on the way to the game and off we went. The parking pass got us right up close, and the seats were just amazing!
I could go on for hours and post 20 more pictures, lol, but I will move on to running now!

Last night was my long run and I joined my running club again on Belmar Boardwalk. I had 5 miles scheduled but my running partner wanted to do 8, so I decided to go for it! The Half is in 2.5 weeks so I want to be ready!
We headed South, into the wind for 4 miles. The gazebo we stopped at last time was at mile 3.78 so we ran to the end, which was about 4.07 and turned back. We were amazed at how much easier it was going this week, and how less tired we felt at the halfway point. Once we turned around the breeze was *gone* and we sweated the whole way back. It was dripping into my eyes and running down my back. YUCK! I didn't start getting tired until the last mile but I pushed on, to finish 8.13 miles in 1:33:29 and got to this view:

Same time of day as last week, but less sun. Summer really is ending!
I also finished my Mommy, Run Fast Labor Day Weekend 5 mile run *and* brought me closer to the end of Week 9!! The Color Run NJ is on Saturday and that closes out my week. I can't believe how fast time is going!
Well, I must be off to take the girls to NYC. You would think that taking two 15 year old girls in would make a person crazy, but I love going, and we are visiting Madame Tussaud's which should be fun!
One last pic to end the blog:


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