Friday, August 17, 2012

JSRC Summer Series, week 5

My running club hosts a Summer Series every summer. Every Thursday night for 4 weeks, you go to the Wall Municipal Complex and run a 5k. Each week you get points based on how you finish overall and for your age group. I got 2nd and 3rd at 2 of the races, although our age group was small.

On the 5th week, they do a staggered run, with slower runners leaving earlier and faster runners leaving later, so that everyone finishes almost at once. Basically a steady stream of runners crossing the finish line. VERY cool. No winners this week, no losers.

I was *thrilled* that people left ahead of me, lol. I often finished close to last, these people are *fast*.
I had already run my 10k in the morning so I was not optimistic about my time. I totally managed to keep up, though, and finished in 35:05, right in the middle of my best and worst times on this course. Oh, and the course? All hills. Every week, this coure kicks my butt. Hard. I can't wait to go back!

After the race, they had free pizza (which hubby ate, he just dreads coming to these races, lol) and soda, and they give away the awards for the whole series.
I got 2nd place for my age group. Slow and steady really does win the race, if you go every week! I had a choice between sunglasses and a bucket hat. I already have club sunglasses, so.....

It matches my skirt, lol

My friend's 5 year old got most dedicated runner for being the only kid who came every week and they gave her a certificate and a pair of sunglasses. SO cute!
My friend, however, kicked butt! She got 3rd place female over all, and 1st place for our age group! Woohoo! She got a mug and sunglasses! Overall a great night for us both!
At the end of the ceremony, they took  a group picture. Hubby took this one, which cuts some people out, but I am in there!

Such a great night, and to top it off, we stopped at the local FroYo place that just opened yesterday. I ran into a friend I rarely see, who told me how awesome I looked, saying I was melting away. LOVE it! And the FroYo was great, too! Total success!

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