Thursday, August 23, 2012

Long Run, Burpees, and Plankaday

Today is my long run day, since I am doing the Color Run in Brooklyn on Saturday. Instead of doing it alone, I decided to finally attend one of my Running Club's evening runs. This left my day open to do...well...nothing. I am in my last 2 weeks of vacation before school starts, and I go back to work. I did do my burpees for the Burpee BOOM Challenge at Road Runner Girl and decided to finally give in and start doing Plankaday. This challenge involves tweeting, which I do not do, so I have been holding off. I finally decided to just do it, and did my first plank. It lasted one minute and the last 10 seconds were sheer torture! My abs actaully hurt a little! Yikes!
The time finally came for me to go to the group run. I admit, I was a little nervous! I walked up and saw all the fasties from the Summer Series, and got even more nervous. And then  my savior, Eileen, who was leaning against the wall, latched onto me and asked me if I was fast. When I told her my average she was so happy. She said she averaged 11 but would stay with me. Hooray!
My schedule called for 9, but after the group pic, they started so fast that I never had time to turn on my gps. I started the timer, though, so I know it took us 88 minutes. I mapped our run and it looks like about 7.5 miles. It was very hot, with an occasional breeze, and the view was amazing. We ran along the boardwalk so we always had a view of the ocean, which was nice. Our average mile was about 11:46 and my blister gave me minimal pain.
This was our view as we returned to the start:
Great way to end a run, right?

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