Saturday, August 4, 2012

Serene Saturday

I actually slept in today! I slept until 7:45, how sad that I consider that a late morning! I rolled out of bed, checked  my email super quick, and rode off to yoga. Our Beach Club offers it free on the beach every Saturday morning, so I ride my bike the one mile to the beach, enjoy my peaceful hour of free yoga, and ride back. This is our view as we practice:

We did a bunch of planks, but I forgot to get a pic for my Running for Dummies Challenge, so I will have to do more later and get a pic!
I will be doing a run later, week 5, day 3 of my Marathon training, which will also count towards some of my virtual challenges, but I am going to wait until the sun goes down a bit. It is 91* and humid right now. Ugh!
Have a happy Saturday!

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