Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Week 8 begins......

I started week 8 of marathon training today with a 4 mile run. It was 68* out when I left the house, nice breeze, and I had 3 miles on the schedule for the day. I decided to take advantage of the day and run 4 instead. The route I chose took me over the bridge near my house, down a nice straight road into the next town (Point Beach for all the locals) and onto their main street.

 Halfway down this road, a rude woman in a fancy SUV decided that pulling out of a parking lot was far more important than my life. Luckily, she looked right at me before she did it, and I could just tell she was going to pull out so I slowed down. Lucky me, or I would have been waffled. I am almost ashamed to say I muttered a swear in her general direction, something similar to witch. Not my finest moment, I admit, although the 2 guys in the juice delivery van at the 7-11 were amused. If she hadn't looked right at me, I would have been less angry, it just felt so deliberate. It was deliberate, lol. Anyway...I continued on my way towards Arnold Avenue, and come across a woman standing in the middle of the sidewalk texting. I say 'excuse me' giving her plenty of time to step to the side. She didn't. I ended up hopping onto the grass along the sidewalk. Still embarrassed at my previous reaction, I just said 'thank you' in my sweetest possible voice and carried on, lol.

I make it to Arnold Avenue, hating on the cobblestone sidewalks that tilt horribly. I never noticed before, but it is like running on a race track. For cars, not people!  I turn the corner, checking my watch and seeing that Green Planet's front door is exactly 2 miles from my front door. Lil bit of trivia there, for ya, lol. Not a coffee drinker, but a huge fan of their carrot cake. Alas, I kept on going.

Down Arnold I go, passing all of the stores, restaurants, loving the old houses, wishing I had one and yet glad all at the same time that I do not. Have you ever seen the closets in those old Victorians? Not for the faint of heart, I assure you! Around the bend, and I see an old man on a wobbly bicycle. I automatically hop to the grass, but he stops, and waves me past with a flourish. SO sweet, and now I no longer hate humanity for messing with my run! I thank him and he smiles (did I mention? SO sweet) and continue on my way.

Around another corner, passing the church and the Dunkin, crossing the highway and turning towards the 88 Bridge. The breeze is amazing and I hit the top just past mile 3. So glad that I decided to extend my run! Right about now my first blister in over a year starts to ache. I got it during my Barking Mad run, which irks me, because I am not sure why I got it! (I suspect my lasy mud run had something to do with it, I broke the nail on that toe way too short and it has been sore ever since) I had on a blister BandAid though, so not too bad!

I pass the town library at mile 3.45, past another runner who has stopped to walk, past the Fire Department, and turning towards Community Park. Sweating but not super sweaty, which I am loving, and I hit mile 4 just as I pass the clock at Community Park. I averaged a nice 12 minute mile, and walked the last .3 miles to my house as a cool down!

My final report on Barking Mad About Cancer 10K is due as well! The registration offically closed yesterday when the 100th medal was accounted for! I cannot believe I had 100 racers! I am so excited about this! The racers represented 29 States plus Canada, and I raised $1490 for Susan G Komen through this event!

My next virtual race, Barking Mad Turkey Trot 5 Mile Virtual Run, is up at Facebook. Check it out! The medal is very cool, I chose a square medal this time:

This race will benefit the Cancer Concern Center, a local organization that I became aware of this past Spring when I was running the Long Branch Half. I joined their team and fundraised for them, and they are just so dear to me that I am fundraising for them again this Fall! Hoping they will have a team again for the 2013 Long Branch Half to continue the tradition! Here are some of the team members and I at the Half on May 6th:

If you happen to knit or crochet, I also head up a local Head Huggers group, Jersey Shore Head Huggers. I collect handmade Cancer Caps and distribute them to local hospitals and organizations. I have sent out two boxes of caps so far, and the next box will be going to the Cancer Concern Center to replenish what we donated to them in the Spring.
WHEW! That was alot, sorry! Hopefully my next blog will be short and sweet!

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