Monday, August 27, 2012

Week 9 Begins!

Today begins week 9 of the Galloway Training Plan for the Disney Marathon. I am following his plan to finish upright, lol.
Today is an off day so I did Ellen Barrett's Skinny Sculpt. It is my favorite at home workout, it uses light weights and yoga moves/pilates moves. I also did my 5th PlankADay today, with my best time of 1:18:2. That's one minute, lol, not one hour! I am already seeing a difference in my core and I am loving it! I finished my BurpeeBoomChallenge week already, but I am going to try and get in 50 more today anyway, for a total of 250 this week! LOVE these challenges, they really keep me going!
I also joined a challange at Sara-Use it 2 Lose it, here, where she posts a monthly challenge. You get to pick your level: mileage and strength training. I chose E3, which is 50-90 miles and 40 minutes of strength per week for the month of August. I currently have 47.5 miles and 195 minutes of strength! Woohoo I beat my strength goal and I am 4.5 miles away from exceeding my mileage goal!
This week's plan is 4 miles tomorrow, 5 on Thursday night with JSRC, and 3.1 on Saturday at the Color Run NJ with team Run Like a Motha, my son Jonny, and my friend Shannon, who I dearly miss running with and am so glad she will be coming with me!
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