Saturday, September 8, 2012

Brielle Day Hill and Dale Challenge 10K

Sounds ominous, right?
Every local knows about Brielle's notorious neighborhood hills! 6.2 miles of crazy steep hills! All week long, they hinted about how hard this race is at my local Running Club's facebook page. My only worry was the Rock n Roll Philly Half in 8 days. I didn't want to wear myself out, but I was determined to beat this race! Going in, my only other 10K was a mostly flat local run that I did for a virtual race, and took me about 1:15. I went into this race hoping to come close to that time, knowing that the hills would slow me down!
It was supposed to be a beautiful day, but the clouds were rolling in, thunder booming in the distance, tornado warnings all over the place! (And this is Jersey, but two actually touched down today already, one in NJ and one in Queens, plus two water sprites. Holy crap!)
I was all ready to go, though, sporting my Great Cupcake Race BondiBand, and wearing my RnR Philly duds for a test run! I ran into my friend Eileen, who do long runs with during Club Runs at the boardwalk, but couldn't find my friend Cheryl. I knew she would zip by me at some point! We were off! Eileen was behind me at the start but passed by pretty quick, and Cheryl passed by around the .65 mile mark.

The race was hilly from start to finish, and quite horrid I must say! I was so glad to have my music with me! I finally managed to sync my MOTOACTV to my computer, thanks to a guy from my running club, after having it for over 6 months! (Josh, you rock!) and I can even listen to my music on it. I hated the ear buds that came with it, but the music sounds great, and it has my bringing less gadgets to my races! I did as i always do, and started picking out racers to pass. The first few were easy, but Adele, a senior who is VERY fast, was a toughie. She is a run/walker and I knew if I could pass her on a walk phase, I could stay ahead! I finally did pass her, and set my sights on awkward runner girl. She looked like she was dying from  behind, and after a while, I started to wonder if that is how *I* looked from behind! I passed her at a water station, and stayed ahead of her. Next was short squat guy, who was aso a senior. I finally passed him on a hill, and at the top of that hill was Cheryl! She was still ahead of me, but I was thrilled that I caught up, even just a little. We waved and away she went again.
I have to say, the people who lived in these neighborhoods were amazinginly supportive. There were extra water stops, guys with hoses (LOVED them, I ran under two of them, so refreshing!) and lots of cheering! Some signs as well: Dr Mark has the runs, Kick ass phalt, first pain then beer, to mention a few. So many people were telling us how awesome we were, letting us know the hill was almost over, we were almost there, etc. It was close to the amount of support there was at the Half Marathon I did in May. Truly amazing!
When I hit the last mile, I hit a wall. I was *so* tired, and the last hill was immense. I walked up most of them, just to avoid being too sore and tired, but this one was just killing me. I wanted to cry, I wanted to quit. At the top was a guy from our club, and I told him the hill sucked and he laughed, told me it was almost over and then ALL downhill from there. Better words were never spoken! I fely so much better and my pace picked up.
And then I saw the ambulance. I was so worried about whatever runner had gotten hurt! It was a woman, and apparently she had just stopped, threw up, and fell over. I think she hurt her arm when she fell. I felt so bad for her, because she had been a front runner when she fell. Had she finished, she probably would have placed. I hope her arm is okay!!
I finally reach the 6 mile mark and the end is is sight! I take off my ear buds and round the last corner, and see the time clock in sight. Also waiting are my hubby, Eileen and Cheryl! I slap Eileen and Cheryl five as I run past, and finish in 1:12:08.
Did I really just PR? Did I beat my flat course time by 3 minutes? WOW! I am so proud, and so exhausted all at the the same time! I came around to see Cheryl, but Eileen had already left! Cheryl looks as beat as i do, so of course we pose for a pic!

I love that our running club's flag is in the background! I felt amazing, tired, skinny, exhausted, proud, and sore. All at once! Crazy!
Coming home, I realized I had met one of my last race goals for 2012! I planned to run 2 Half Marathon, a 10 miler, a 5 miler, at least 10 5Ks, and schedule a Marathon for 2013. Once I finish the RnR Philly in 8 days, I will have met my goals. Every last one. I will also be exceeding my goals. Before 2012 is over, if all of my plans go well, I will have run 4 Halfs, one 10 miler, several 5 milers, and at least 15 5Ks!
SO, now I am going to make my 2013 race goals.
  1. Run a marathon
  2. Run 13 Halfs*
  3. Run 15 5Ks
  4. run 3 Fivers
  5. run 2 mud runs

* I have joined a Challenge at my Sweat Pink Ambassadors page to run 13 Halfs in 2013, *however* they do  not have to be official Halfs. A Marathon counts as 2, and training runs can count as well, as long as run at least 13.1 miles in one run.

What do you all think? Awesome goals right!!

One last pic to leave you with, my Virtual Race medal I earned today!



  1. ha ha I was cracking up at "awkward runner girl" if she only knew she was being blogged about! LOL! seriously congrats on your PR and woah! Those are some lofty goals for 2013! I need to try to keep up! :) I do like running 13 halfs goal and the fact they dont have to be organized races! GOOD LUCK!!!!

  2. p.s. It took me about 3 times to get past your captcha. I almost gave up.

    1. ohno, I will get rid of that captcha! Just gotta figure out how! Thanks for your reply :) I wonder what people call me as they pass me! Runs in a skirt? Runs too slow? Terrible! lol