Saturday, September 1, 2012

Color Run NJ

Today was the Color Run NJ. My son Jonny and I headed out just before 7 am for the 45 minute drive the to Raceway. We arrived at 9:30. Yup, we sat in traffic for over an hour. It was *insane*. We finally parked and headed right to the starting line. Jonny didn't want to run so we walked the whole thing...very fast. He is a seriously fast walker. Woot!
My picky, always bores, 13 year old son said on more than one occasion that it was "awesome". Just about made my week! We ended up covered in more color than last week! It was everywhere! I didn't have a camera, and my sherpa stayed home, but I did take this shot of Jonny back at the car!

It was bright out, so you cannot see all of the dye, but he was quite colorful! He is playing XBox right now and telling his friends he had fun, I am glowing lol.
A few quick blurbs before I go to a Labor Day BBQ.....
Awhile back I mentioned the Virtual Games I did with Run With Jess, and I won a prize! I am actually wearing it right now! I was so excited to see that I had won, and even more excited to open the package when it arrived:

Awesome right?!?!
I also finished my monthly challenge at Sara Use it 2 Lose it. I pledged 160 minutes of strength and passed 200, and 50-90 miles and ran 56.5
I am also still doing Plankaday, and today will be day 11. My PR so far is 1:31.2 (just over 90 seconds). It is really HARD!!! Check out the Leaderboard, there are some crazy plankers out there!
My BurpeeBOOM Challenge is coming to a close as well, I have just a few more days left!
I hope I find some great challenges for September! Do you know of any great monthly challenges?
So far, I have printed to September Challenge from Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans


  1. I'm doing the Color Run in New Orleans in November! I can't wait...looks so fun! Thanks so much for the shout out! And thanks for doing the Burpee Boom Challenge! :-)

    1. Mindy, it is SO fun, you will have a blast!!