Sunday, September 9, 2012

Plankaday going strong and Half Marathon updates!

Today was day 18 of my Running for Dummies Plankaday Challenge. My longest plank yet at just over 3 minutes (3:09.8) and my arms and abs were quivering like crazy!! I have managed to get myself to #16 on the leaderbaord and hoping to move up! Unfortunately, those other ladies on the list are amazingly strong, so progress is slow! BUT check out my name at #16 by clicking on the link above!
Only 6.5 more days until the Rock n Roll Philly! I am SO excited! I tried out my outfit at the 10K yesterday, but I didn't wear the Compression socks and sleeves. Here is my Flat Mama:
Gonna rock it for Komen!!!
Speaking of Komen, I registered for yet another Rock n Roll, this time RnR USA in DC!!! I also signed up for Marathon for the Cure for this race, so I will be fundraising for Komen in 2013 as well!

I am so excited, I LOVE Washington DC, it really is one of my favorite places and the race goes past alot of the Monuments and Memorials. I might have to skip trying to PR and just take pictures of me racing past *everything*.
Ohhhh and re: leaving comments, I have removed the Captcha, so you no longer have to type in all those squishy weird letters to leave a comment. I didn't even know it was required, but I took it out, so you are good to go!!!
Happy Sunday everyone!

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