Monday, September 17, 2012

Rock n Roll Philadelphia Expo

Saturday was the Rock n Roll Philly Expo, I could not wait to get there! We dropped the pups off at the Halo House Animal Resort in Franklinville NJ and then made our way to Philadelphia. We were so lucky to get a great parking spot right behind our hotel, which happened to be right up the street from the Convention Center.
At check in, I got my bib (which was HUGE! By far the largest one yet, it does not fit into my 8x8 bib album!) and then around the corner to get my Tech Shirt. I laughed when I saw how big it was! I signed up for this race in the Spring, when I was still wearing a large. I traded it for a medium and then grabbed my swag bag.
After that we were able to go into the Expo. I had to stop and pose for an expo pic!

There I am, sporting my new Sweat Pink tank from Fit Approach, with all of the Elvis impersonators. Into the expo we went and it.was.huge. The amount of swag was just crazy! Larabars, Cascadian Farms (they gave us 5 or 6 boxes because I said hubby eats it for breakfast every day!), Snickers has new Marathon bars that are yummy, McDonald's was giving away coupons for free oatmeal and apple slices (brekky after the race, yum!), we got pens, a frisbee, bandaids, pain reliever cream, and so much more! RunDisney was there and I after I sighed over the Mickey medal i will be getting in January (it's a monster!) hubby asked if I could have one of their tote bags.

Rock n Roll also had a prize wheel and I won a free tee. It is from RnR Vegas, which I hope to do in a few years! Woot! There were also a lot of vendors there. After trying some ZipFizz, I bought 5 tubes and got a free ZipFizz water bottle. We also bought a cowbell to add to the clappers that someone gave to my daughter. My kids promised to make some noise as I ran past our hotel.
After *alot* of walking, we decided to go. I managed to get one quick pic of the kids before we left!

We stopped for some lunch, yummy steamed Pork Buns at a nearby Chinese Corner Store, and then we were off to Eastern State Penitentiary. We saw it on GhostHunters and could not wait to see it in person! It was very reasonable, under $40 for the 4 of us, and it included a recorded tour. We each got our own headphones and audio device, narrated by Steve Buscemi. We wandered around for about 2 hours, it was unforgettable!
By now, we are all tired, and I was worried that I had pushed myself too much the day before a race, so we walked back to our hotel, LeMeridien. It was once a YMCA and they converted it into a hotel. The atmosphere was amazing, very hip and modern, and the kids were in awe the whole time. There were 2 wedding parties staying there, so we had quite a view while we waited to be checked in. On our way to our room, we saw this as we waited for the elevator, *inside* the hotel:

So cool! It was a lounge, filled with tables and chairs. Very fun to see inside a building! While we rested and snacked, and hubby went to get a drink for himself, I prepped for race day! I was so excited to put together this FlatMama!!
See how huge that bib is? Holy heck! I had my Brooks Adrenalines with SweatPink laces, Komen Tech Shirt, Komen visor, and pink ribbon sleeves. Can you tell I ran this race for Komen? I am happy to report that I raised almost $2400 for Komen for this race!!
Time for dinner! We decided to go to Maggiano's for one last carb load, and apparently, so did everyone else! There was a line to get in, but we were seated quickly and service was excellent. They were well prepared for race weekend! I was so excited, though, that it was more like carb tasting, instead of loading! My son and I went home while hubby and daughter went to Max Brenner's for some dessert. They brought us back some yummy chocolate!
Whew! What a day! Will it affect my performance on race day? Stay tuned! I am still sick today, and this blog took me a couple hours to write, because i kept laying down and getting back up to type, lol. I promise I will get to it asap!



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