Monday, September 24, 2012

The Weekly Chase...and Rip 60

Time for The Weekly Chase!

Let's start by looking at last week's goals:
  1. Recover from the Half!!! DONE!!!!
  2. keep up the Plankaday Challenge at Running for Dummies DONE! I even beat my best time!
  3. Run 2 very easy runs this week DONE, in the way of one longer easy run lol
  4. Run 4-5 miles this weekend  5 miles DONE!
  5. Keep up with School House Rock Hard Abs Calendar!  DONE!!!!

This week's goals:
  1. Run 2 short runs, 3-4 miles each
  2. Kick butt in the Race for the Cure on Sunday
  3. Keep up with the Plankaday Challenge at Running for Dummies and maybe beat my best time!
  4. Keep up with the School House Rock Hard Abs Calendar at Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans
  5. 2 Rip 60 workouts  (one done already, woohoo)

What are your goals this week??

I just started doing Rip:60 again, check it out here
I am not getting paid to share the info on this DVD set, but the easiest way to explain it is to show you, lol. I did the DVD for Runners today, 45 minutes of fun! The only setback for me is that there is no door in my living room to use it in. I have to do it in the front door, which is in the next room. Once you know the movements, this is no biggie, and I am literally on the other side of the wall from the TV so I can hear everything very well. What a great workout! i feel pretty bada$$ when I am done, I must say!
I have made the decision to quit the gym, since I *never* go there! I only joined to use the DreadMill when weather is bad, which is hardly ever, so it is not worth it to keep paying! Funny how quickly I got back into the DVDs once the decision was made!

I am also counting down the days until

When is your next big race?

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