Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thursday's Run and a Flat Mama

Thursday I did another Zombie Run. I had planned to run with my running club, but my pace partner couldn't make it so I decided to run on my own. I chose a simple out and back on a semi-hilly road, and planned on 6.2 miles. My schedule said 3, but I felt like doing a little extra. Zombies really wear you out, however, so I decided to turn around at mile 2.5 and finished it off at 5 miles. I finished in just over 56 minutes and averaged an 11:15 mile. I was really bummed that the Zombies caught up with me at one point, especially since my watch said 8:37 pace when they caught up! Yikes! Those are some seriously fast undeads! I am really happy with my progress, all of my runs are averaging out in the low 11's these days, and it feels more natural when I run at that pace. This time last year I was averaging at 13+ minutes per mile! WOW!
Tomorrow is the Race for the Cure and this will be my third year. I ran it in 34 minutes in 2009 and 37:31 minutes in 2011 (I hadn't been training long, and that 37+ minutes killed me!) My plan this year is to finish in under 33 minutes. The race is run at Six Flags Great Adventure and it weaves through a parking lot, past the entrance to the Wild Safari, through Hurricane Harbor, and back to the where you started. It is a very hilly race, but I have been doing very well with hills lately!
I put together my Flat Mama:

I forgot to inlcude my Komen visor, but I will be wearing my Komen sports bra and black Komen running shirt, pink running skirt, pink ProCompression socks (see the link on the right hand side of my blog, they are awesome!) and SweatPink laces from Fit Approach. I also have my newest Brooks Adrenalines. I chose purple this time for a change, I have never had purple running shoes!

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