Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Zombies, Run! and Plankaday

Awhile back I posted about a great app I got for my iTouch called Zombies, Run! It is a running app that uses your own music in between a mission. The first mission, you crash land and need to get to the base, by way of a hospital, before the Zombies get you. My iTouch always had crappy gps, so I could never use the Zombie chase feature, but now that I have the iPhone, all has changed. When the Zombies chase you, it tells you they are detected, then 50 meters away, then 20, and then, one of two things happens: evade, or drop supplies to distract them. I evaded twice, and distracted them twice. You have to speed up, and your gps tells the app if you have, in order to evade. I must have looked like a madwoman, lol, but what fun! My 3 mile run became over 4.5 and my usual pace....blown away!

Once you knock off the 15 seconds it took me to stash my phone in my SpiBelt, it is even better! Every time you hit a mile, it tells you what mile it is, and your time. I was amazed at how fast my pace got when the Zombies came! And yes, some of the items you collected were underwear. At first I wondered why, but after the Zombies almost got me, I had a better idea, lol. I collected alot of supplies, and saved the day! So much fun and cannot wait to use it on my next short run!

Another milestone crossed today: I finally broke 4 minutes doing my plankday! No, really!
It was also day 35. That is 5 weeks of daily planking! WOW! I am starting to see some abs going on, which is just awesome! I even managed to climb the leaderboard to number 10. TOP 10!!!!! I still cannot catch that Mindy Bobe, she is too tough for me!
You can see the leaderboard here.
Surf the site while you are there, Gea is amazing!!!

What did you do for your workout today?

I am off to complete my Shrinking Jeans calendar for the day!

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