Friday, October 12, 2012

Fitness Friday Link Up

It's Fitness Friday at, a fellow SPA and Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador!
This week I had 2 short runs. My first was a quick 3 miler, around my neighborhood, between raindrops. Last night I went to the Belmar Boardwalk and ran to Spring Lake and back with my fellow JSRC members. Well, most of them and ran out and back and left before we even finished the first half, lol. 4 of us stayed together though, which was nice because it gets very dark, very fast! We ran 8 miles, 2 more than I planned, and 4 more than was scheduled! LOVE those club members who push me! I averaged an 11:06 mile, just a smidgen faster than my Half average on Sunday.
I completed the Fall Foliage 100K last week, and I am working towards a second 100K. The challenge was to finish 100K during the months of September and October.
I love the prizes that came with the medal, what an amazing event, and it benefits Autism, which is just fabulous! Absolutely hands down one og my Top 5 favorite charities to support!
Coming soon I will be having 2 new features at Barking Mad. The first is a review! Woohoo! I have always wanted to do one, and the folks at Unreal Candy sent me a whole box of their chocolate candies to sample and review! My kids helped me, and once we have sampled all 5 varieties I will post about them!

I will also be posting my 100th post very soon, and will be doing my first giveaway. Just have to decide what to giveaway! I have 2 Ford Pink Warrior scarves that are just begging to be given away! Hmmmmmm

One week until my Half Marathon in

Where is your next big race?



  1. So jealous! You get to do Hershey!!! One of my dream races :)