Saturday, October 13, 2012

Interlaken 5K Run

This weekend was supposed to be race free! I am running the Hershey Half next weekend, and thought I would just take it easy. I would run an easy 4 miles and then help the Hubs finish ripping out our creaky back deck. Interesting how plans change!
My frequent race partner Cheryl Facebooked me this morning and asked me to come run the Interlaken 5K. It didn't start until 11:00 which was awesome, and, well, why not? I said I would meet her, dithered about for awhile, and then went off to meet her there.
I got there about 30 minutes before race time, picked up my bib and tech shirt (which is soooo pretty) and waited for Cheryl to arrive. About 15 minutes before race time she called. Lost. Yikes! I handed my phone to an awesome motorcycle Cop and he directed her to the race. Yay! While I waited, I fawned over a cute Cardigan Corgi.

Not the best pic, but we just love Cardigans, especially since we have one!! Most Corgis have no tail, they are called Pembrokes, but we believe dogs should have a tail to wag! What else did I just love about the dog above? He was a guide dog! He walked the whole 5K with his human! How cute is that? Here is a pic of our Cardi, Memphis:

Isn't he handsome?
Anyway, back to the race! Cheryl showed up with about 3 minutes to spare, lol, but she didn't get a shirt. They had run out. She did get a $5 discount, which was cool! The gun went off, and Cheryl and I separated, She always beats me, so I expected it, lol. It was about 50* and cold in the shade, which there was lots of!
I hit mile 1 at about 9:00 which shocked me! Suddenly this was no longer an easy 5K, I was gonna PR, I just knew it! My best time was 31:04 last weekend, and that was a 10:00 mile average. Could I keep this pace up? Mile 2, I hit 19 minutes. Holy heck! I was doing it!! It felt so easy, the hills weren't bad, and the houses in Interlaken are gorgeous, and very stately. I was totally enjoying myself! I stopped checking my watch and ran as fast as I could.
As I rounded the last corner and removed my buds, I heard the timekeeper saying, "Keep it up, you are under 30". Under 30? HOLY HECK! I was hoping to hit the 30 mark, but never in my dreams did I imagine I would surpass it! I finished in 29:45, exactly one minute behind Cheryl! There was much hugging and laughing and then we posed for a victory pic:

Isn't the shirt pretty? I wish it was cotton so that I could add it to my quilt, but I love it, so I will train in it, lol.
I am so glad that Cheryl asked me to go to this race!
I used this as my Cupcake Classic Race, and posed for a pic before putting on my warmer weather clothes:
It is not too late to join the Cupcake fun! Check it out here at Run With Jess! The shirt is super comfy and SO cute! That heart on the shirt is a Pic Stitch sticker I forgot to remove, it is not part of the shirt!

After the race I took my teenie out to lunch and we had some great healty food at Fins, a local TexMex restaurant. Look how delish:

What is your favorite healthy restaurant lunch?

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